Family Business: The Werebear Tales Continue……..

The Werebear Tales:

Book 2, Family Business

By: E. John Evans


Time passes with the changing of the seasons.  Matt has been quietly sleeping for about 20 season or so.  The young cubs that he helped save have now grown.  They have trained in the ways of a Guardian. They have learned from Matts mistakes.  Now, as they have made the transition to Guardian and discovered Matt’s journals, and new adventure begins.  The fate of many, hang in the balance.  Lives will change!

In a distant, yet very near place, three Bears are resting lazily next to a remote lake.  The noontime sun has peeked over the high trees, and the warm sunlight has driven the morning shadows from the ground; bathing the area in light, warmth, and life.  The Breeze has shifted and comes from the North, crisp clean air falls  from the glaciers and into the valley, a welcomed change in the passage of time.

“So cub, a shilling for your thoughts?” asked a Large Polar Bear, his curiosity growing.

“The past, the future….” His voice returned the question, but leaving more than it answered.

“You have been in a funk for a long time, I think its time to spill it, tell us whats got you so deflated, that you would mope around for 20 years.”  Demanded a Tawny Grizzly, who was concerned for everyone.

“Things are moving, The twins will start to search for their Pashma soon, I don’t know if I like that.”  Answered the Black Bear as he sat up on his rump, lifting his nose to the sky, inhaling the scent of the northern breeze as it washed over them.

“Is it really your place to like it our not like it?” They asked in unison.

“It’s my right to make a choice, my heart and my mind are in conflict.  All I want is for Matt is to be safe, happy, and enjoy his life.  I don’t see anyway for him to do that, if these others keep pursuing him.” Growled the Black Bear.

“ Cub look at us,” they asked.  The black bear spun around on his rump and looked at them both.  They were laying behind him, left and right paws holding onto one another.  Different colors, two parts of the same whole.  They spoke—“If you’re wrestling with your love for the Guardian, then we suggest that you act on it.  He has been sleeping for a number of years and you have mopped around since that day.  Do you love him?” asked his Papa Bears

“Lots of people love him, but can they really be his equal in life, can they give as much back to him as he gives to others,” he answered, as his voice lowered in depth, showing his emotions coming to the surface.  His fur starting to bristly down his back.

“Love is not about control or protection, its about respect and being.  If you need to go to him, then do it.  If you want him to keep resting until he wakes on his own, go protect his path.  Either way, you can no longer straddle these two paths, you much choose one.  They spoke sternly to him.  They loved their cub, but in life, he must choose for himself, not be guided by rules or obligations into a set path.

“I know, but I don’t see anyway to do any of that peacefully,” his head lowered, muzzle starting to quiver.

“Do you love him?” They asked.

“Yes, Yes I do.,” He answered, knowing that regardless of what he did, he would have to make a choice, pick a path and move toward it.  He was no longer able to just observe the world, dabble when he wanted, and then escape back to his Papa Bears.

“Then go, let your heart be your guide.  Enter his world and become part of it, know that we support you.  But be warned, to become a part of his world, you may be lost to this one.  It’s only for short periods that we can cross over.

“I know Papa’s….I know.”  His voice trailed off as the breeze picked up.  He laid down with his muzzle across their connected paws.  They rolled over onto each side of the Black Bear and snuggled him close.  They knew he was fighting with himself, and soon he would be leaving the cave.  Sprouting his wings, and being on his own.


Part I

When Cubs Become Bears

Two figures are making their way through a blinding snowstorm, drawn by something that neither of them could quite grasp.  They were feeling a pull, a need to go, too seek out the one being that had given up everything, so they would be safe.  The one who had walked away from one life, so two could begin.  They would find their protector, their first protector.  The one who answered to call to action; and then disappeared.  They must find him; they must tell him that he is needed. They must show him that they love him.  One carries a Bone Totem Necklace, the other a Wooden Staff.  Both of these items were their Pashma’s, they would prove who they were, when they found him.

“How much further?” grunted William.

“Not sure. This place isn’t on a map.  All we have is a rough idea from Pashma’s Journal.” yelled Zackary.

“You mean we have been walking for two days, and you don’t know where it is exactly?”

“Give it a freaking rest, you know just like I do that Pashma wrote in code and riddle.  Heck, even the note he left when we were cubs was in code.  It’s just that the other Bears did not see it.  At least not like we do.”

“I know, but tell me again why it took so long for you to figure it out?”

“Seriously! It was years before Papa Norman even let me into the den, much less read Pashma’s journals.  When I started reading, I saw the code on the pages.  He detailed just about everything from his life with Papa when they were human, all the way up to finding us. I am still over-the-top pissed at all the Papa Bears and the Elders for not telling us sooner, or at least letting us read, and decide for ourselves.”

“Me too, but what happens if they find us, before we find Pashma?”

“Well, I guess we need to hurry the fuck up, and find him.  Because I am not going back there until we do, and I am sure as hell not going back to be someone’s servant and errand Bear.  Fuck that, and Fuck them.”

“You know the Great Bear told them to save us.”

“Yeah, and……”

“Our destiny is to protect the Dens not destroy them.”

“Bull shit!  Our destiny is ours to decide, not some old Bears that want to be in control of everything.  This is fear.  They fear us for what we are, not because of who we are.”

“I guess you are right.  I could tell something was happening when Uncle David left last month.  He and Papa got into a heated argument when he was telling me about Pashma.”

“Yeah, that’s when I made the choice as well.  Lets just find shelter.  Bears or not, walking in this sucks.”

The two found a remote cave, just barely deep enough for the two of them.  One of the two, who was always prepared, pulled out a ground cover and fastened it over the entrance to block the wind.  The other searched the cave, and built a small fire from some of the materials he found.  There they would rest until the storm passed.  They shifted into their half forms, and snuggled together for warmth.  Brothers by birth, Bears by blood, individuals in action.

They would find Pashma.

Papa Bears

“Have you seen the Cubs?” Luke asked as he almost ran into the kitchen.

Norman looked up at him, with that ‘oh great, what now’ look.  “No, I thought they trekked out with the other Cubs a few days ago,” he replied, as he flipped through one of Matt’s journal books.

“No, they didn’t.  I just checked in with the Arctic Den.  The cubs did not go with them.  We have to find them.  They are out by themselves.  They could get hurt….They could be taken by the humans…..Norman!  We need to find them!!” Luke was in a panic.  Since Matt was no longer there to keep him calm, Rusty and Norman had stepped in.  He had learned to control himself, but was still prone to the vicious cycle of panic.

“Luke, you need to calm down, and I mean now.  Those two can take on anything and anyone.  You have seen them in the trials; you have seen them in action.  Luke, you could not even touch William, and Vic was dropped like a cub by Zackery.  They are everything that Matt was and more.” Norman was growing tired of Luke today.  Ever since the cubs had made their second transition, Luke had been clingier with them.  Never letting them go anywhere by themselves.  Almost smothering them.  In truth, he was worried that he would not be needed any more.  Since Matt left, he struggled to find a purpose.  The Cubs gave that to him, now they were growing up.

“What if they went to search for Matt?  Could you decipher his journals?” Luke rattled.  Talking faster, about to spin out of control.

Norman looked at him and thought, go ahead and hyperventilate.  When you pass the hell out, you will be calmer after you wake up.  “I am working through it.  He wrote everything in code.  It’s a mathematical progression principle, which uses ‘Base-Eight’ math.  I called Mitch, but this is way over his head as well.  He is going to Yale University to talk with a Bear that runs the Math department.  Whatever Matt was trying to say, he knew the Cubs would be the ones to find it, not us.”

“I am calling George and Marty.  They can track them.  They are Polar Bears.  They can track them if you won’t.  Guardian my ass!  You turn that shit on and off when you want to.  Extra senses…whatever!”  Luke snottily replied.

“Are you serious.  Calm Down Luke, what are you afraid of….Damn!  Stop being all Mother-Bear on them.” Norman replied and slammed his coffee cup down on the counter, hard.

“They are cubs and need to be cared for, watched after…..NORMAN!”  Luke shouted, in a high octave.  He was getting ready to bolt or do something…. He was spinning into chaos.

“They are Guardians! They are Bears!  They made the transition in front of YOUR face.  You need to let go.  Whatever has set those two off in this direction was thought out long ago.  Whatever message Matt left for them was buried in his writing from the start.  He did not go back and re-write almost 40,000 pages of text and handwritten notebooks.  Luke…..  This was a thought out plan.”

“We need to find them Norman, we cannot lose them like we lost Matt,” huffed Luke.

“Correction asshole, YOU lost Matt, not anyone else.  Your attitude and selfish nature caused that to unfold the way it did.  You need to stop thinking you are snowy white in all this.  Seriously, you were an asshole toward him in the end.  Many are surprised he did not kill you in the village or in New Orleans.”  He probably should have just kicked the fuck out of you, at least you would have respected him, not hated him for leaving….damn! YOU fucking idiot.  You threw away the most caring Bear I have ever known…for what…yourself?  Freaking selfish asshole.   Gods, what does Matt see in you?   Norman thought, as he stood up and glared at Luke.

The two bears were standing toe to toe, both brimming for a fight, as bears are apt to do.  From behind them the kitchen door swung open, it was the Elder, Boris.

“I came back when I heard what was going on. Tell me, have we found them?” Boris was worried, not for himself, but for this household.  They had held together after Matt’s departure, and now that the cubs were grown, it would seem they were all struggling to find a purpose again.

“Not yet Boris, not yet, Norman said while shaking his head.

“I can see that you both are upset.  The circle is repeating itself again.  Your Matt made a choice and left rather than have further conflict.  Now the cubs have gone in search of their Pashma.  This was to be expected.  Tell me, all of Matts journals and writings were in code?”  What have you done Matt?  What plan have you seen in our future?  What have you set in motion, years after you departed?  What is it? Thought the elder.

“Yes, he knew that none of us would pick up on it.  As soon as Zachery read the first volume, he started to consume the entirety of it.  It was like he was possessed.  From the little I can piece together.  He is teaching them something.  It’s like a training manual.  We are still not sure about what. What we do know it was not meant for us, it was meant for the Cubs to find,” Norman stated while tapping a Journal book from Matts Den.  He had started to see the Pattern.  He had started to understand.  The perception of what was hidden on the pages was just at the edge of his perception.  It was like a memory that would not come forth, or a stuck lock that would not turn.  Something was blocking the knowledge from him.

“I can think of only one place that Matt would be if he did not move on.  I suggest that we go.  Send word to the Arctic Den Elder….The Cubs are headed for the Hunting Grounds.  We have to stop them before they enter.  If they do, they will be lost to this world.  We need to hurry, hurry.” This is going to be bad.  The dens are on the edge of civil war with each other.  As our numbers have grown, so has the human need for violence and territory.  This will not turn out well if the cubs are gone.  The elder thought, as they went down to Matts den, and radioed the Arctic Den.

Uncle Bear “Big Brother”

William and Zachery stirred to rapid awareness in the morning, not being prone to the usual teenage slow to get up behaviors.  Shifting back to human form, they quickly stowed their gear, eager and ready to get back on the trail to find their Pashma.

“I sure could use a cup of Papa Rusty’s coffee about now,” William droned.  His coloration had changed starkly from Zackary.  He was now Panda.  In human form his hair was evenly divided between the black and white and his eyes were different colors.  One of the brightest blue, the other a deep brown.

“Yeah, and three or four of his cinnamon rolls too!” replied Zackary. He changed into a mirror image of Matt.  Long course silver fur, with a black mask.  In human form, this brother was silver haired with the same eye color difference as his brother; one of blue and the other a deep brown.  Both brothers had changed into Bears of the Moon, just like their Pashma.  This new form came about when they made the transition to Guardian.

As they pulled down the ground cover, which had protected the cave entrance, they were shocked to see a figure standing over a fire in front of the cave, and suddenly the smell of sausage and fresh scrambled eggs and toasting bread and coffee assailed their noses.  This was impossible – no one could have snuck up on them like this and done so much with both of them totally unaware.

The average looking man glanced at them, pushing his glasses up his nose.  Then he started to laugh. “Oh, that look is priceless!”

Standing close to guard each other’s back, the brothers shifted partially, enhancing muscles, balance, speed and senses.  Fur bristling, weapons drawn.  William with a staff; Zackary with two of Matt’s custom side arms.  Energy radiated from these two,  visible to the Bear that was watching.

“Relax, boys.  I’m not here to harm you, or stand in your way.  As a matter of fact, after breakfast I might even just help you along a bit.  Seems like my Little Brother overestimated how fast you’d be.”

“Little brother? How did you find us? Why didn’t we hear you?” They asked questions as if they were the same being, each asking in turn.  Shifting further, getting ready, like it was a genetic response.   You are acting like Matt would. Are you both the bears that the creator foretold of?  Are you?  The bear thought.

The bear looked at them for a moment.  “You didn’t hear me because you’re young.  You have the confidence of youth, and the lack of caution. You’ll learn.  The rest that can wait ‘til later.”  Are they this connected to each other; to nature, like Matt? Are they the ones to bring peace to our kind?  The bear thought as he looked at them.

The brothers knew how to sense a threat when one was near, and something inside them knew that this man was not one.  They could tell he was a Bear, and not a young one, but other than that, their connections to the forces of earth and nature where simply not honed enough to test.  Even though they didn’t sleep like most teenage boys, they ate like all the rest of them, and the sight and aroma of the fresh hot food called to them.  Empty Bear tummies growled in the silence.

“Go ahead, have a seat, we can talk while you eat.” The Bear said and motioned them toward the food.

“I don’t know, I have a feeling we are being followed.  The Elders and Papas won’t want us doing this, they’ll want to drag us back home.” Zackary said, still standing with William, back to back.

The man lifted his head, and even though there was no actual shift, the brothers saw an overlay of a black bear raising his muzzle to the wind.  “You’ve got time to eat.  No more than minutes though.”  They will not have you.  I will see to that.  He thought.

With that, the brothers quickly grabbed the travel plates and utensils that had been laid out, and heaped on food from the steaming bowls.  They went after the food like they had not eaten in days.  But he knew that they were far from starving, and had ample supplies in their packs.  They had learned from Matt to always be prepared, food rations were a staple.

“Yup, nothing like hot food on a cold day to keep you going” said the man/bear, as he sipped his coffee.  “Now, then, what exactly are you doing….” He questioned, but knowing the answer…  He had to know if this was their choice or someone else’s.

They spoke as twins, two parts of the same whole, each in turn. “We need to find Pashma.”  “He’s calling us.” “He left us all the clues we needed to find him.”  “We’ve been taught and trained, but we still don’t know why or really for what.” “We won’t be messengers or errand runners,” the brothers blurted out between bites. “We need him to tell us what to do.” “He’ll understand. He can show us.” 

The man/bear looked at the young ones.  He saw their hope and their potential.  He also saw the potential for the misuse of their natural talents, either by themselves or others; similar to the trap, which had befallen Matt.   However these two had each other, and “parents” that truly and selflessly loved them.   Maybe all hope wasn’t lost.  Pieces to the puzzle began to shift in his mind, possibilities open.

“You’ve had a lot tossed at you, haven’t you?” Questioned the man/bear.

The brothers looked at each other. “Yeah, I guess.  But we can handle it.  Really we can.”  They answered in unison.

“Of course you can.  The question might be, should you have to?” He stated, looking at them, working out what he was about to do.  Knowing that these two were the warmest Bears he had come across since his Papa Bears had changed him.

“My Papa said we needed to learn because it protected us. More than he could.”

“My Papa said the same, and he’s a Guardian too.”

“Guardians already, so young for that. It can’t be easy.”

“No, but we had to.”  “All our Papas, they love us.” “We know they want what is best for us.” “But sometimes we just want to play again.” “We don’t want to hurt them.” “But we need answers.” “Pashma will have our answers.” The brothers talked interchangeably, thinking in the same pattern, speaking as one.  The Bear/Man thought:  they are one…. Both parts of the same whole…

The man/bear sighed, and looked them both in the eyes. He’d probably get swatted for this much meddling, but he owed it to one he cared for deeply.  “Look, the one you seek, Pashma, despite what you’ve read, or been told, he needed to find his own answers, and put down his own demons.  Sometimes, you never find them or put them down.”

The brothers looked at each other the back to the Man/Bear. “No, he lives.  We feel him now.  Very slow and hidden, but he is there.”  “When we changed again, we could feel him, it is there, a constant tug at us.  Then we found his journals.”

“You sense him in the Hunting Grounds?  Amazing.  You’re right, he is calling you, and only you are tuned to hear him.”  The Bear/man tilted his head to the sky and closed his eyes briefly. By the Gods Matt, you laid out a beacon that only the cubs would follow.  How?  After the beating I gave you, the healing we went through together, you still called to them, why.  What have you seen in your dreams, what is about the happen; Bear of the Moon… What have you seen?

“Hunting Grounds? What’s that?” They asked as they both continued to shovel the food in as fast as they could swallow.

“A place outside this earth, yet part of it.  Where the ancients go to pass on.  You can cross over from many places, but it leads to the same path.  The one you seek is resting there. I’m happy he chose rest instead of being done.”

The man and boys talked while the boys ate, and he made clear to them many of the things that their Papas had tried to tell them.  In their clumsy, yet loving fashion, and that indeed, everyone had choices, there was not a set path that they must follow, and that those choices should be respected.

After the last scrap of food was eaten, the brothers stood.  “Let us clean this for you, Uncle.”

“No, I think you best be going now.  Time grows short, and others draw near.” Just then, the aurora peaked through a pass in the hills.  “Follow that light.  Quickly.  It is the easiest path to the Hunting Grounds.  Once there, you will find the way to the cave that your Pashma sleeps in.  It is lit from within, you will see the light in the darkening of the day.”

“Others? Can they catch us?” They questioned.

“They can. But they won’t. Little Brother wants you, he is ready for you, and seeing as you have made it this far, I’m not going to let anything stop you.” He said, looking at them again.  By the gods, they are Guardians.  They are the ones.  Matt, why did you not tell me what you suspected?  Why do I feel so drawn to you, and these cubs?  He thought as he watched them for a few seconds.

“Thank you Uncle,” Both brothers bowed their heads to the man/bear.  “May we ask your name?”

“Uncle sounds good to me, my young friends. It has been a long since I’ve been called that.  Now, then, get going.  Oh, and here, take these.”  The man/bear tossed each boy a heavy rucksack.

“What are they?”

William, you have almost a bushel of apples, Zachery; almost a bushel of oranges. When your Pashma awakens, he is going to be mighty hungry, and he will want fresh fruit.  Lots of it.  Otherwise, talk about getting up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning.”

The boys laughed, then rushed over and threw their arms around the man/bear. After a short moment, momentarily not knowing what to do, when such completely good and bright spirits touched him, he wrapped his arms around them both, and hugged them close.

“Be well, boys.  Be happy. Choose wisely.”

With that, the brothers shifted to half form, and broke into a loping run away from the cave, towards the pass and towards their future.

The Chase

They say that love can put wings on your feet, and perhaps that is why Luke, Rusty, and Norman were ranging so far ahead of the rest of the bears searching for William and Zachery.  They ran straight on now, as Rusty had finally caught their traces with his spirit Bear senses, and they knew they were gaining ground.  As they paused for a quick drink in a stream, long bear tongues lolling out of their mouths, Rusty informed the others that the brothers were stirring again.

“But we made a lot of ground up while they slept.  We can’t be more than an hour or two behind them now.”

“Thank you, Rusty!  We have to get them back and protect them,” panted Luke.

Norman, who loved his cub as much as Luke did his, was quiet.  While he wished they had spoken to him about this choice, he knew they had to do it.  He had deciphered enough of Matt’s journal to know that he was calling to them, wanting to be awakened into a new life, free of the chains that bound him in the previous.  He could tell that he had gone into hibernation to wait being called on again.  With his Guardian abilities, the need for resting that Luke and Rusty had didn’t impact him, he could have caught the brothers by now, but he hesitated.  It would be all of them together, or not at all.

Suddenly, Rusty reared up on his hindquarters, fully alert.  “Wait. There is something different. Someone else. I can’t tell.  It is Bear or Bears or, I don’t know, it is almost like how it felt when the Great Bear blessed us changing Matt. Someone is with the boys, something big. Or small.  Or nothing. I can’t tell.” Rusty’s voice rose an octave in panic.

“THEY’RE IN DANGER! Come on, let’s go!” roared Luke, and charged off in the direction Rusty was pointing.


The trio of bears arrived full speed at the cave just as the average looking man finished cleaning and packing his gear.  As they drew near, he whistled loud and long to catch their attention, slowing them to a halt facing them.

“I remember you,” grunted the Polar Bear.  “We’re in a hurry, get out of the way.”

“There is no rush here. I’ve got some coffee left, would you like a cup?”

“NO! I said we’re in a hurry, now move” the Polar bellowed.

“That’s him. Or it. Or whatever.  It’s what I sensed.  He’s between us and the trail the boys are on,” exclaimed Rusty.

“We really should just talk…”

Luke reared up.  And despite his reservations about chasing the brothers, there was no way Norman wasn’t backing up his first cub. He edged forward, to the flank of the man.

“Seriously? Didn’t anyone ever tell you to use your words when you were growing up?” as he set his glasses down on a large rock.

Luke swiped his immense claw at the man, who easily dodged aside – right into the waiting paws of Norman, who used his lightning fast Guardian speed and strength to wrap him tight and hold him dangling in the air.

“We’re going through and you can’t stop us with your blathering this time” shouted Luke, turning towards the trail.

“In for a penny, in for a pound. So be it,” said the man.  There wasn’t even time to hear the clothing shred.  Rusty fell back in a heap, dazed by the outpouring of brilliant red energy only his Spirit Bear senses could see, as the man shifted into three quarter Grizzly, bear enough for all the muscles to appear as well as claws and fangs, man enough yet for the flexibility.   The size differential and speed of shift shoved Normans’ forepaws apart, and the Grizzly jammed an elbow back up into Normans’ unprotected under jaw, then spun as he hit the ground and landed a kick into the Guardians’ midsection, lifting him off the ground and sending him flying backwards.

Following the spin kick fully around, the Grizzly used the momentum to leap towards Luke, vaulting over his hindquarters and pushing down on his shoulders, causing the Polar to be shoved face first into the ground.  The spring this vault gave him allowed him to land in the trail facing the trio, not even breathing hard.

“I know I told you how I hate to shop for cloths. You are ruining a perfectly good day.”

Luke raised his head, and then pushed up and charged with the full might of a First Tribe Polar Bear.  None would withstand this onslaught.  But the Grizzly stood his ground, and instead of sidestepping as Luke had expected, took the charge right into his belly, being shoved to his back onto the ground. At which point, he brought his legs up into Luke’s midsection and with an amazing show of strength, lifted him off the ground and flipped him in mid-air, causing him to land on his back with a mighty thud.

This gave Norman, an even larger Grizzly, time to rejoin the action, and he leaped towards his downed opponent.  No longer passive, the man/bear spun up on his hands and shoved both feet squarely into Normans’ gut, totally stopping his downward motion and landing the Grizzly on his back, no air left in his lungs, insides mangled from the impact.

The Polar bear was back on his feet in the few seconds of the exchange.  The man/bear made his own shift to his Polar bear form.  They were evenly matched if not exact copies of each other.  Both were First Tribe, and the predator in both was fully engaged.

Regaining his vision as his Guardian healing rate took over, Norman looked over at his mate, who was barely managing to stay up on all fours, struggling to maintain any type of consciousness.  The energy released from this being was affecting him, casting his second senses into overload and preventing him from healing himself or shielding himself from the conflict.  Norman wailed and crawled to Rusty.

“Rusty.  RUSTY! Look at me.”  It was as if Rusty couldn’t hear him at all, as if he could only see something inside his own head.  He collapsed fully to the ground, his breathing becoming erratic.

“No.  NO! I can’t lose you.  Rusty, please. You have to be alright,” Norman cried out, holding the Kermode in his arms.  Rusty was transitioning backward from his full bear back into human as the life seemed to be pushed from him, held at bay, paused by the other bear. Norman focused all of his energies and concentration, the fight behind him fading from his conscious thought, as he did all he could do was hold his mate with him, tears streaming down his face as he reverted back towards his human shape. “I love you Rusty. Please stay with me.”

The two Polar Bears circled each other.  Barks, grows and roars were issued and they clashed.  Uncle Bear tossed Luke aside as if he was a cub.  Again and again Luke would charge and this bear would just swat him down.  It was a beating, one that had been building for years.

“Why do you want to stop me from finding the boys, or Matt” Luke panted. “They’re mine, not yours.”

“They’re no longer yours to control.  I’m done just watching and listening to how you treat the Bears I care for.”

“I love them, I will protect them, and I will find the boys and Matt.”

“You will NOT have them, you’re NOT worthy of the gifts given you by your Sire or your Mate.  Matt protected you from yourself, but you are NOT worthy of that protection, affection or the limitless love Matt has for you.  You will not tear Matt’s heart out again.”

In that instant, Luke charged the Bear and pounced with all his strength and speed.  He meant to harm, to kill whatever stood in his way. However, it was no use; the Bear stepped into his attack, shifting smoothly back to a Grizzly Bear, and locked his massive jaws around the Polar Bears exposed throat.  He clamped down and the only sounds heard were the crack of bone and gurgling of air.  Time seemed to stop in that instant and the Bears eyes glowed red, the energy release even brighter, hotter.  He had acted, he had attacked, and he had made a choice.  The ripple of which would be felt for years to come.  The Grizzly stood there holding up Luke by his throat until the last tremors of life left the bear, and then he threw the bear aside and raised his head to the brightening morning sky.  Bathed in a morning sun an aura of Red and Blue energy appeared around the bear.  A roar came then, from some other place, from many bears that were part of the same being… Long and loud it echoed through the valley.  Anguish, pain, longing, caring, love, all flowed from this creature.  This being that had walked the earth just as long as the Creators, who could be a creator himself.  He had made a choice, and he had destroyed.


At the same time the trio of bears entered the clearing by the cave, William and Zachery paused, already miles away.  Despite being so close to their goal, they somehow sensed the danger those who had raised them faced, the shifting in the tides of the universe, and the love they felt made their choice easy.  They turned away from a task given them without their consent, even if they undertook it willingly.  Dropping their packs, they raced back the way they had come as fast as there young legs could carry them.


Norman held Rusty close, supporting him, feeding him energy, cherishing him;  He felt a paw gently placed upon his shoulder, and then he felt no more.


As William and Zackary rushed back towards the clearing, they spotted the first body on the ground and stopped dead in their tracks.  It was Luke, in human form.    Looking further, they spotted the human forms of Norman and Rusty, Norman cradling Rusty even as he was slumped over him.  “PAPA!” they wailed in unison.


The man/bear looked up as William ran to Norman and Rusty while Zackary hurried to Luke.  He finished licking the blood off his muzzle and claws, and then shifted further towards the human end of the spectrum in order to speak.

“Things would be so much easier if folks just talked.”

“What did you do to them?”  William yelled, as Norman rolled over and began to snore.

“Will they be ok?” Zackary pleaded, as Luke twitched as if deeply in a nightmare, the pinkish scars at his neck fading even before Zackary noticed them.

“They’ll be fine. They might have dreams about this, but they won’t remember much.”

“Why?  Why did you do this?”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have. It was selfish. But I wanted you to have a choice in your future. If your Pashma ever returns, I want a better future for him, not this same cycle of shit, that keeps circling him like a black hole.”

“Can we still go to him?”

“That is up to you.  But decide soon – others are coming as well. They are close, and headed for the Hunting Grounds on an angle. Four groups of them.”

Just then, Rusty gave a cough and breathed deeply.  All three of the older bears started to rouse from their slumber.

“You made a decision to come back.  For good or ill, it was your choice. And you must deal with all that comes with it.  I’m proud of you for it.  I need to go now; I need to let things truly shape themselves. But I will be watching.”

Rusty rose to his feet, restored, looking about as the man/bear quietly disappeared into the surrounding forest. Norman and Luke fully roused and wrapped their massive bear arms around their cubs.  Their family was back together and complete.  Or was it?

Norman and Luke just hugged their cubs tighter, as Rusty broke out laughing.

“Talk about sensory overload.  I think I’ll stick to the sexual kind from now on.” The ice was broken.  The brothers apologized for leaving without saying anything, and their Papas told them that they knew they were seeking Matt.  But that they couldn’t, as if they entered the Hunting Grounds, they would never return.

“No, Uncle Bear said that a Guardian could pass the boundary, if the time is right. That is why they were always the ones to give companionship to Ancients who wanted to pass, because they could cross the threshold both ways.”

“Uncle Bear?  I remember something …” said Rusty, but Luke was focused on the activity at hand, the boys quest to find Matt.

“Well, then, if you think he is still there, Norman can go.  Either alone or with you if you must.”

“No.  Let the boys choose.  This is their task, one given them by Matt” Stated Norman.

“Look, Matt ditched us.  We raised them, it isn’t up to him, and it’s up to us.” Luke snuffled, almost in tears.

Norman shook his massive head.  “Stop being so angry with Matt, Luke. William and Zachery should make this choice.  I will go with them if they want, whatever the risk.  But I am willing to trust them.”

Luke looked down, feeling abandoned; until both cubs, then his Sire, and finally Rusty wrapped arms around him. “We love you,” they said in unison, and the bear’s heart opened once more.  He cleared his throat, roughly, and spoke. “I, uh, love you too.  I don’t say it often enough, but I really mean it. I guess you’re all right.  And we better move then, before the Elders get here.”

The brothers again hugged their Papas, amazed that by talking it out, things had worked for the best.  The group left quickly then, and before they knew it, arrived at the threshold of the Hunting Grounds.

Another round of hugs followed, quick ones, and the boys stepped through.  Rusty knew immediately, as their distinctive life signatures simply vanished, even as he looked directly where they had been.  A tear rolled down his face.  “Be safe, small ones, come back to us.”

Luke leaned against the barrier between our world and the Hunting Grounds.  In half form he looked up and then put his forehead on the barrier, feeling it cold, hard and invisible against his skin.  His paws came to his sides in a slow, sliding, and defeated motion.  Then his tears fell freely too.  As they walked into the snowy grounds, the brothers heard his soft words clearly.  “I love you.  Be careful. Find him.  Find the one I love; the one that I have always loved.  Bring him back to us; bring yourselves back. I am so proud of you. So very proud.”

Luke, Rusty and Norman turned then, as the snow began to fall, finding themselves alone.  They wandered slowly away, knowing that only time would tell who would return to them.

Choices Part I

Not far away, the man watched and did nothing.  He felt an arm wrap around him, and leaned his head on his Papa’s shoulder.

“I was wondering how far you’d go.  It’s been a while since you lost that much control.”

“I know. I almost totally destroyed the continuity of this realm. I’ll need to be more careful. It did feel good to be badass for a change though.”

From his other side, a gruff voice said “Get that bad ass back to the den, and I’ll make good use of it” just as another arm wrapped around him.

“If you must interfere, you need to let part of yourself go and be part of the continuity, not disrupt it.”

“Well, Luke will remember deep inside himself what happened. I hope that the Bear that Matt loved will wake up, grow up and be the Bear that Matt always believed he would be. Then I will be satisfied.”

The wind whistled through the air, strong enough to cover the tracks of the bears that had stood there, erase their scents, make their presence a mere fading memory.

As the bear faded, he flashed back to a different time, a time when Matt had gone dark, broken contact, and evaded all attempts at tracing and finding him…….Even he did not know what had happened.  He had listened to the rumors, the voices on the wind.  However, he was just not willing to accept the things he heard.  Now in this instant, all those things flashed back to him, washed over him like a tidal wave.  Where they true?

Part I I

Vengeance Be Mine!

19 Years Earlier

North Central Den

Situation Report

D: 21538 /RGB/1614

“I’ve become that which I despise, with gun and knife, with wire and rope, I’ve become that with I despise.  I must end this, then myself.”

The message above was found, carved on the wall of Matt’s den just after all the visitors stopped coming, at the time of his moving on.    We don’t know how long it had been there.  Matt’s den was his private quarters and no one came in unless invited, and very few saw the inner armory where this was found.

What we do know is that it had been there for some time.  Testing was completed to determine the approximate date the message.  Results dated the markings to 40 years ago, with fragments of Ursine claw found in the markings.  This points to the markings being made by Matt’s own claws.

Interviews were completed, but no one readily recalled what had occurred during this time, but after some digging, we determined it was the time that Matt disappeared for about 4 months.  Matt being gone for extended periods was really nothing abnormal to anyone close to him. 

We really don’t know where Matt ended up during the 4 months he was gone.  What we do know is that Luke, his partner and mate was sure he was still alive, due to the two Bears being linked mentally to each other.  Luke would suddenly feel emotions and get random glimpses through Matt’s eyes.  It was unnerving to watch the big Polar Bear reduced to a quivering mass of tears and snot when it happened.  After the first of these episodes, Luke was never left alone.  Someone was there to record and document what he described.  The weirdest part of it was the dreamlike state Luke would slip into, a nightmare really.  Soon after Luke came to his senses, the images would fade from his memory.   Until recently those incidents were logged and filed.  Later, when a report came of a complete killing, a genocide of a group of Great Grey Wolves on the West coast, the pieces started to fit together.

RGG/ End of Report.


Matt has moved on some time ago.  After his departure/disappearance, reports started surfacing of acts of civil terrorism among the Therianthrope Community.  These reports were not of small clashes between rival groups.  These reports were of complete killings of several dens of Grey Wolves across the USA, Canada, and Central America.  All of this seemingly committed by Matt.  What struck us all was that it was completely alien to his demeanor.  Even the descriptions of his physical appearance was something different. The eye witness accounts that came in, were so divergent from how we knew Matt that it was discounted as a ruse or trick. Similar to the one that had led the Kermode to be taken captive, a native village slaughtered, and Matt to kill several Elders, in defense of the Kermode and his mate.

To his friends, killing, was not core to Matt’s being.  Upon further investigation, it seemed that Matt just snapped, went off the deep end, then got ahold of himself and kept on with life, as if nothing had happened.  After the reports started to be verified,  a small group started searching for the answer to why Matt did this.  However, in searching they connected the pieces to a very wide reaching, intricate, and totally cruel plan. One that they were not ready to discover, one that would put them all on a kill list.  They were now marked for death, in one way or another.   

Heat rose from the ground in waves, as the sun  shone unhindered through clear skies of crystal blue.  The temperature was well over 100 when the group of four bears stepped from the comfort of the air conditioned car, into the dusty hell.  It was well after noon, but the heat was unrelenting as long as the sun was up.  They made their way through a series of small, shack style homes in the California High Desert. They were here to seek the counsel of an Elder.  One of the original 12, coming from the Clan of the Wolf.  He was here, aging as a human, unable to make a shift into full Wolf form, therefore his biological clock was ticking, just as a humans would. 

They walked in silence.  Even the conversations in the car ride had been forcefully polite.  None of them wanted to be here, or even admit to themselves that someone they loved and respected could have done something this bad.  They found the small shack, and knocked at the door.  Several knocks later, a grumbly “What the fuck do you want”  was yelled as the door was flung open.  A large figure filled the meager entrance, glaring at the visitors.  After brief introductions, they were invited in.  The small home was thick in Wolf musk, sweat, stale whiskey, and fermenting meat.  They all settled into the living room/kitchen of the small home to have a conversation.  The Wolf sitting with his back to the wall, a small oblong table between them and the other three.  Two sat facing him, one leaned against the kitchen cabinets, just behind.

“Mark, can you tell me what happened, from the start of that day.  I know it’s going to be hard, I know that your life was turned upside down, but you need to tell us what happened.” Robert spoke in an almost hushed tone. Hoping that reverence and humility would defuse some of the hostility that was oozing from every fiber of the Wolf’s being. 

Sitting across from them, was an immense, and ruggedly handsome figure of an aging man.  He was tall, chubby, with hair of white and grey.  His face creased with lines and angles from age; well tanned, but with the dry skin of a very old person.  His hands were massive as they reached up and touched the silver collar around his neck, turning it as he did so. The fur worn down and laying in the direction the band alway took; always to the right. Everyday without fail, without counter, never ceasing in its silent but deafening opera of the Wolf’s submission and Matt’s revenge. Gone were the markings, worn down by years of touching, turning, pulling, and choking.  120 turns a day, each click equals one, 120 clicks to live, any less and you die.”  Matt’s words burned into his memory, etched into his ears. 

“I had arrived home.  He was there, in my house.  He got in past all the security systems.” Spoke the wolf, through clenched teeth, with his eyes closed tight. As if he was trying to delete the images  from his mind.  Make the mental tape stop, so he would not have to remember anymore.  But with every deafening click of the collar, the memories were brought back in his mind.  Like a movie playing in fast forward, then reverse, then pausing.  The images were a jumble of time and space, rambling though his mind, never giving peace or solace.  Forever tormented by his memories. Until the day he died.

“He killed everyone… my cubs, my family, he killed them.  Slaughtered them like cattle.” Spoke the wolf more clearly.  His eyes snapped open as he glared at them.  Yelling this time, “That savior of yours is a killer.  You place too much faith in his good side, trust me he has a dark one.”  His emotions were very hard to control at this point.  As he would have an emotional outburst, he would start to shift forms, his neck would stretch and the collar become tight, choking him.  Then a soft chirp as the collar started its detonation sequence.  Detonation eminent, return to human form.  Was repeated as the wolf forced himself under control. The Great Wolf had to work to remain calm, keep his emotions at bay.  For if he were ever to loose control, the collar would detonate, taking his head, and ending his life.  Either way, he would die.  Either quickly in a flash of light and heat, or quietly, alone, with no one to remember his passing.   The bears that watched, collectively paused in confoundment at the situation, then their own emotions ran in fast forward.  All thought this was cruel, one of the cruelest things they had seen.  There was more to come.

Another spoke, “Great Wolf, we are trying to find out what provoked this.   Please help us understand.  What history did you and Matt have? This bear paused, hoping that this would not turn out badly.  He had respected Matt for all the good he did in life.  This investigation was akin to an Internal Affairs Investigation by a police office.  They were tasked with asking the tough questions.  Finding the truth, no matter how hard it was or who it was going to hurt.

The Old Grey Wolf tipped the bottle of whiskey back and took a long draw on the bottle, placed it gently on the table, then slid it across the table toward the Bears in the room.  All could tell he was trying hard to be carefully gentle.  “I was wondering when that would come up, still, that was a long time ago.” Whispered the Wolf.  His breathing coming back normal, his fur retreating  from his face and hands.

Robert leaned forward in his seat.  He knew that this may be painful for the Wolf to remember, but it had to be done.  They had to know and understand.  “You need to be totally honest here.  Matt has departed, left our den, dropped out of contact with everyone and everything.  Even the Elders and Trackers can’t find him.  He has left the badlands open, without a Guardian, our Elder without a champion. Tell us Great Wolf, what does all this mean?”

Snickering and snorting as if tickled,  “You won’t find him unless he wants to be found.  Stupid bears, he was trained by the Western Pack.” Laughing as he finished.  Then it struck him.  These comrades of Matts’ had no clue.  They didn’t even understand what he was.  He quickly noticed they were grasping at straws and trying to make sense of an event that defied logic, and reasoning.  It was so bad, so different from the Matt they knew, acceptance was not coming easy for any of them.

“What do you mean” Robert questioned, falling further into a deep pit of despair;  He really liked Matt, and after his departure, realized that he was a total jackass toward him for a long time. 

Chuckling slightly as he continued, “I was with Thomas when we brought him in for training.  Plucked this little two stripe Airman out of his comfy world and dropped his ass in the middle of a bunch of natural born killers.  We expected him to fail, we wanted him to lose, to prove a point to our Elder; but that little shit did more than surprise us.  He was more than a human back then.  He was linked into himself and had started tapping into his animal essence as a matter of daily work.  He was starting to live in it.   You don’t get it do you.  HE WAS ‘WERE’  ALL THE DAMN TIME!  He would have made the shift on his own as he grew older.  All your Kermode’ did was speed up the process, ahead of his natural perception.  Stupid fucking Bears…. all of you.” The bear finished as he turned the bottle up again and took another draw of straight Whiskey.   

“What do you mean, we aren’t following you.”

“As a human stupid.  We brought him in for training with the 82 Airborne, G-company, the GHOSTS. They partially changed him into a Wolf you fucking retards.  Or more specifically, he changed himself into a Wolf.  Somehow, he was showing all the signs of a change by the second week of training.”

“Wait… what….Matt is bear?”

“Now he is..  Fuck this is all a jumble….  He was out of place from the start, but he just absorbed everything.  He went from novice to expert in days, not months.  Do you have any idea of the hackles that raised within the ranks…in the Pack.  It was like he just blended into nature and used it like he wanted.  The pack accepted him as their own…..Stupid bears, he was HUMAN and WOLF when someone changed him.  Did none of you see the signs.  Did no one within your ranks see the abomination that he was to become. Stupid Bears… and I heard your Great One changed him.  Well, I guess y’all will get what you deserve.”

“We’re still not following you.” Robert pleaded again, still not quite grasping the riddle that the Great Wolf was spinning.  Inside, he could feel the pit of his stomach start to ache.  Something bad was about to be said or happen. It was like that moment before you are told bad news.  You know that it’s going to be bad, but you hold out all hope that it’s not as bad as you think.

“Damn It!”  The Wolf slammed his partially formed paw into the top of the substantial table, hard enough to product a crack the length of its surface.  “You created a Pariah, a freak of nature.  He’s not just one animal, he is all of them.  Gods be damned, can you not understand. He’s a natural, blood born Therianthrope, you fucking idiots.  You did nothing but lock him into a few of the forms he could change into.   Stupid Bears, Bears were always slow and lumbering, not the fastest witted of the earthly advisors.  Brutes; Big Teeth, Sharp Claws, no brain.  Idiots!!!”  Mark finished and took another long drag on the bottle, turning the collar as he did.  Click, click, click the sound seemingly echoing in the air.   Slamming the now empty bottle down on the table, making the crack a little larger.  His hands showing signs of fur, his claws starting to take form at the tips of each finger, canine teeth starting to form, just barley pushing his lips out of the way.

“Are you telling us he would have been able to shift on his own?” Questioned Robert.  He was just starting to grasp it.  Beginning to put all the disassociated pieces together in his mind.   His perception was sharpening. All the oddities of Matt becoming a bear.  All the little quirks and things that were not normal for an Ursine Werecreature, started to click through his brain.  He never thought that Matt could be more than one species, but a bloodborne…

The Wolf sighed, “Yes, idiots! When his human body died he would have been reborn into a new life, but you would have had to let him die.”   Snickering loudly, “I bet you panicked and brought him back, just as the life was slipping from his body, the light dimming from his aura… you panicked…”   Now laughing out loud as he kept speaking, “Looks like that Great One of yours made a mistake… but in retrospect, I don’t think so.  It was probably a calculated risk.  Change him into a Bear to lock him in, make sure that he could be controllable… but from the looks of your faces, and from the little you have just told me, sounds like the little cub has spread his wings and got some outside help and distance….good for him.  Fucking Bears, you deserve what you get.”   Each sentence the Wolf spoke his pitch and camber would change.  Like a rambling person who had gone insane.  He thoughts were jumbled.  All that could see watched as emotions washed over him.  He would smile, grimace, and almost cry in the span of a few seconds. The Bears knew he was at the end of this rope, the ends had frayed and could no longer me mended…

“Great Wolf, that aside, we need to find out what triggered this in Matt, we have to understand.  Because, until this incident, he has always been a positive, kind, supportive influence on everyone around him.  He has stopped civil wars between dens, and brought peace where no one thought it could be.  He was our Guardian.  We have to find out why he did this.  Why would he kill your entire line?  Why would he end every member of your Pack… Tell us Great Wolf, why did Matt do all this.  To you, of all members of the Council, why you?”  Robert all but pleaded. 

Spinning further into a crazed mood, “To create a Professional Soldier, the forge must be of death, blood, guile and avarice.  You have to temper the steel in the deepest pits of hell, to allow the inner metal of the creature to be molded, shaped, and sharpened.  Everything external to that metal must be stripped away, torn from his being, incinerated in the kiln, all weakness must be eliminated.  Many thought we would not succeed, but it would seem that the grand experiment worked.  That little shit turned out to be a natural at just about anything involving singular, stealth combat.  One on one, in his element, he was frightening.  He was cold, calculating, totally devoid of emotions, vicious and unrelenting in completing his missions.”  The wolf finished the diatribe, and then set out a long sigh.  He seemed to deflate slightly, like he had been holding his breath the entire time.

“I am still not following you.” Robert blurted, as he looked around him.  The other Bears with him had an astonished look.  The look that you have when listening to someone who is much for intelligent that you.  That look that you have hit your ceiling of understanding, but there is still more above you, something that you just can’t grasp.

“Let me break this down for you.  Some Guardians are naturally born, and then they choose a path at rebirth.  When they become self aware of what they are, they have a choice of letting their body die and being reborn, or aging as a human and dying.  It’s all a choice.  You did nothing but shunt that growth, took away his ability to choose on his own.  All of the Guardian traits would have been painful to him, it would have certainly driven him mad.  I’m still not sure how he survived his transition into a Guardian.” Exhaled the Wolf, as he leaned back in his chair and put his hands behind his head.  The chair raising back on its legs, creaking in the process.  After a long pause of silence, the Wolf, put the chair slowly back on the ground, took his hands from behind his head and clasped them in front of him on the table.  Very calmly, almost as a professor would talk to a class, “A sum of years ago, I talked with your, ‘Victor’, he mentioned that y’all were unsure of what Matt was.  At some point, after Matt returned from a mission, he was changed.  He had to have died and would have been brought back by someone or something; since you already shortchanged his natural regeneration abilities with making him a Werebear in the fist place.”

“What do you mean,” Pleaded Robert, knowing this was getting worse by each sentence the Great Wolf was uttering.  Matt may not have even known what he was when he originally searched for the Werebears all those years ago.  Through all this, he still believed Matt to be a bright person, a humble being.  Alas, his experience with other creatures taught him that bad things happen to good people.  Also, when bad things are done, to people that did not deserve it, eventually Karma catches up.  It would seem that Matt had taken Karma into his own hands and acted.  Still, this whole story was rubbing him the wrong way.

The Wolf stood up slowly, locking his eyes with Robert.  Then leaned forward toward them.  His massive frame seeming to fill the room, blocking out the light from the single overhead bulb.  Leaning forward on his fingers, his claws fully extended from his hands, and clicked on the hardwood of the table. Then he whispered, “Stupid bears you still don’t get it.  Matt was always a Therianthrope, he was blood-borne you assholes.”   Then he slammed the palms of his hands onto the table and leaned further toward them, growling. “All you did was complicate what he already was.  You took away his own ability to choose.  Did anyone check out his parents, did any of you even think of digging a little deeper into his past.  No, you didn’t. Did you!  Huh?  Answer Me!” Yelled the Wolf, as he glared at them accusingly.

After looking at them all for a few moments, no reply was given, he continued in a raspy half human, half animal voice, “ Now that I’m saying this out-loud, I’m sure this is why Matt chose to end my line, make me suffer, ensure that I was driven mad, and die like his father.”

Silence descended on the small home like heavy frigid air that falls over a mountain and into a valley.  The deafening gap of quiet expanded as each of them processed what was said.  All the little dissociated pieces of Matts life started to sift through their minds and fall into place.  The Wolf could almost hear their minds work, as it all started to connect.  Almost like listening to train cars being hitched together.  There is a low rumble, then a quick loud crash, then nothing again.   

“Matt was blood-borne?” Muttered Robert, in more of a statement, than a question. 

Silent up to now, another Bear spoke up. “Can’t be; Matt was human, I was there when he fought Norman, Rusty and I.  He was human, he had no special abilities?  He was not showing any of the traits of a blood borne.  I don’t believe you.”  His anger was welling up inside of him.  He also believed the report to be a fabrication.  After what had happened at the Lodge years ago, the attack on Boris, then the rescue of the Kermode, he could just not bring himself to believe what he was hearing.  Yes, some of the pieces fit, but not everything.  There was still something missing.

“Quite correct, but you are all assuming that both his parents were Bear. You’re gauging that on your already enhanced physical abilities.  Stupid bears, think…..Did you injure him?  Did he keep going?  Was he abnormally agile?  Was he spatially aware of what was around him?  Did he smell or sense you before you could be seen?  Stupid bears.  I want you to think…..and let that sink in.” Snarled the Wolf, while sitting down.  He was about to unload on them, the pit was going to get deeper.  He wondered, did he set the stage?  Where all the set pieces in alignment? Was the curtain hung with care and ready to be drawn open.  Had the lighting been focused on the right spots, for the eye to be drawn….or had he concealed what he wanted?  Used a cleaver smoke and mirror trick to deceive them.  Would he little ruse work?   

Silence gripped the shack, as it sunk it with them all.  Matt’s’ parents were blood-borne, but not of the same species.  They would have been able to produce a child in human form, but that child would have a mix of both parents and would have to choose his path at some point.  Being of different races, he would have traits of both, and would be a hybrid in whatever form he chose to be in. Not only would he experience things as a Bear, he would also sense things as a Wolf. 

Chuckling like a hunter who had just snagged its prey in a trap.  “I see you now understand. You created a demon, a monster.  Bear he may be, but he is not just bear, he is Wolf as well.”  Pausing for a moment and putting his head down.  His hand were flat on the table as he slowly made fists with his hands.  With loud, long sounds of claw on wood, the Wolf closed his fists. Looking up at them, just over a whisper, “…of my line.” 

Roberts eyes grew wide, as another piece of the puzzle snapped into place. The other Bear that was seated pushed away from the table in a defiant gesture.  One that echoed their silent refusal to believe the Wolf.  The Wolf Continued, just over a whisper, a bright light in his eyes.  He smiled wide and slow, like a predator that had his prey just were they wanted,  ”…you see his father, was my brother, that’s why he spared me, I’m his Uncle.”  He watched them, waited to gauge the reactions of his guests.  He had them, the pieces were falling into place.  They were starting to believe, or at least come to a place where they could accept what they were hearing.

Then, as if an energy had entered the room, the Wolf seemed to glow, then started to tremble as he closed his eyes tight.  Canine teeth edging out of his mouth, he half growled, half spoke,  “…that’s why he tied this collar around my neck, locked me into being a human, unable to change, unable to heal myself, unable to reset my clock….He left me to age as a human, grow old, and die. Just like his father chose to do.  Alone, without a pack, without the gentle caress of my mates fur…..I WANT HIM DEAD….I WANT TO SEE MATT DEAD, DO YOU HEAR ME….DEAD!” Spittle and heat escaping his mouth as he struggled to maintain control of himself.  His body morphed and flexed, clothing started to tear as parts of the Wolf’s body transformed.

Leaning against the cabinet, furthest away from the Wolf, the Bear spoke, “Bullshit Old Wolf, none of that connects.  Even if his parents were Kin of different races, and his father died on his own terms, none of that shit connects.  Spill it, why did Matt commit Genocide on your line?  Why would he kill without cause?  Cubs, old ones, females…this is just not like him. He destroyed everything and everyone connected to you, he cut a path of destruction and death across three continents.  Bullshit Old Wolf, I refuse to believe you.”

Chuckling again, like a villain who’s trap had sprung, “Ah, the scraggly old one speaks.  Was wondering why they brought you.  You must be the tracker or a fellow Guardian.  A comrade perhaps?  Hmmmm, let me think, an aid to the Elder, a Tracker perhaps?  Or, I would guess you’re the Guardian of the East, or even Europe.  The one that’s a Ghost; the one who comes and goes, has not home, nor den, no place to call his own.” 

Sitting up and clearing his thought, as his demeanor changed, and he smiled wide, giggling slightly.  “Looks like it’s time to let all the bones out of the closet, put all my cards on the table, spin the chamber and let fate decide what to do.  Hmmm…I wonder if you three can handle it?  I’m curious if you will shoot me dead with the weapons you carry, use the gas you have to subdue me, or do you have another plan…still, why wait any longer to let the truth out of the bag.”

The Bears sitting around him looked a little surprised.  They had watched the wolf go into partial transformations, though the entire encounter.  Now it would seem his demeanor was starting to crack.  In the back of his head, the Guardian knew this was the intent of the Collar.   It did not prevent the partial shifting, but did not allow a full shift, so the Biological clock could be reset. It kept the wolf just on the cusp of attaining what he wanted, but never allowing him to achieve it.   

Grinning wide, “Silly Bear, a wolf’s nose is much better that a bears’.  But hell……let’s all take this journey together.  You, stupid bear, reach in that cabinet behind you, grab me another bottle.  I want to be so drunk when I finish this, I will either be an easy kill for you, or just pass out and you all can leave.  I don’t care which.”  The Wolf pointed at the cabinet as it hung askew from the frame and made small grunting noises until the bottle was slid in front of him. He was egging them on, bringing them into the conflict.  He wanted the pain to end, by whatever means he could muster.  This opportunity seemed like fate….or was it.

The bottle was taken out of the cabinet and slid across the table.  The Wolf opening it, “Thanks you stupid bear.  Hmmm…. Where to begin, you see Thomas was the one that killed his brother and sisters, and later his son and stepdaughter…”  Silence gripped the room as he tipped the bottle back and swallowed several gulps of the amber liquid.

The Guardian Spoke, “But Matt told me he killed Thomas, and later we found it in his journals and verified it with the Bear that was the loadmaster on the aircraft.  I still call bullshit Old Wolf.” 

The Wolf smiled wide, he had them, “Yep, The loadmaster on that plane was a pal of mine, told me what went down.  How they jumped him.  They underestimated him, didn’t notice that he had made his second shift already. They played right into his carefully crafted guise, that veil of cub, an inexperienced whelp.  They fell for the bait.  Matt was always that way.  He was small compared to everyone else.  He used that to his advantage. DAMN HIM, never attacking first, always holding back a little for the last strike, the coup-de-gras that would end his foes.  Little shit…..I should have ended him when I had the chance, before he connected himself to nature, before he became the demon that you made him.  Stupid Fucking Bears…..I curse you all.”  The Wolf finished and tipped the bottle back again. Taking more of the amber  colored alcohol into his body.  Finally he was starting to feel drunk and the pain of partially shifting body parts was melting away.  He would be able to shift most of his body soon, without shifting his head and neck.  He would be able to fight, or at least hold his own.

Robert chimed in, trying to keep everyone form killing each other.  “Why would they jump him on the plane?  He was already on a mission to help another elder move on and at that time he had only been a Bear for about 40 years, and not really on any missions.  I sent him on that mission.  He had only completed a few escort missions before….I don’t understand” 

Smiling wide, “There was a kill order out for him.”

“What?” Several of the Bears said in chorus.

Chuckling like a school child who has gotten a treat that on one else did, “Bears are stupid.  Your Elder was carving out new territory.  Playing chess with all the nations of North America.  Stacking the deck in his favor.  All those little missions the Elders kept sending him on were just pieces on the chessboard.  You need to widen your scope,  It’s too small and narrow.  Even as bears you should see that we’re all expanding and as we age, we take more and more human traits.  The bloodlines are being watered down, those that really should be killed to keep the lines strong are saved, they produce offspring and it keeps going.  Falling further in to the human gene pool.”

“So you are saying that Thomas killed Matts human family?” Asked the Guardian.  His anger growing.  Knowing the worst pain a Were-creature can bear is the loss of family.  It would seem that this small group had decided to be the judge, jury, and executioner for Matt’s family.  That would have driven him to do the same thing……but why.  Why Matt?

“Yes.” The Wolf responded coldly. Like a bully wanting your lunch money.  Expecting the outcome to be in his favor. Knowing that he was in control.

“Is that the only reason.”


“Go ahead.” 

Sighing like an old man, that was trying to get his words to come out correctly. “Okay, when Matt Killed Thomas there was a scuffle.  In the exchange, a piece of Jewelry was lost on the aircraft.  The loadmaster found it after dropping Matt off and mailed it to him some months later.” 

“What was it?”

The Wolf took on a daemonic persona of a teacher that had lost patience with the class.  Sighing loudly, “A charm from a necklace that Matt gave to all his children.  A black onyx orb, held in a crown of thorns, supported by a bear’s paw.  They were custom, one of a kind, unique.  The package took months to get to him, since the loadmaster did not have his contact information, so he sent it to the Bjorn Air Freight with a note as to whom it belonged to.  They gave it to him.  After, I came to understand that he tracked Thomas to his den in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There he found some documents, that tracked him back to me.  He tracked my family like common animals.  Along the way, he had no remorse, only hatred and guile for all whom he encountered.  The more Matt dug, the deeper he descended into hate, anger, avarice and revenge….”

“What, what’s the connection Great Wolf?  Why would you want to kill the human children, Matt and Luke had already moved on, faked their deaths and re-settled.  What could have made you kill humans, with no connection to any were-community.” Yelled the Guardian.  Knowing he was being drawn in.  Made to react the way he was.  His own emotions were being used against him.

“Ah… see, he left clues so he could be found.  On that damned wall of life he always puts up.  His son figured it out about 4 years after they moved on.  He called Thomas, because his son thought they were still friends and could help him quickly find his dad’s.   Also in what his son found were volumes of coded text that Matt left, in a locked box, under the basement of their home.  Inside was pandora’s box.  Pictures, evidence, names, dates, DNA samples, Maps.  You see Bears, Matt had left an escape plan when they moved on.  In case things did go bad, someone could find him, and every other Were-creature den across the world.  Matt left everything….just in case… Now for the bit of nasty, Thomas, knowing what was at stake, made it look like an accident, and Matt was none the wiser…..until this…”  The wolf let the last part trail off as he got a grip on himself.  He knew that as bad as this was, each of them has been put in this exact position in the past.  Do you walk away and let the cards fall? Or, do you take action and protect your race?  It has always been a no-win scenario, but one that has been played out countless times since creation.

The Bears were left speechless.  The Wolf watched carefully, judging by their body language, the truth of the situation, cuppled with the information about Matt had left them right on the fence.  Teetering on the decision, was Matt a good or bad being.

“BULLSHIT. What about his brothers and sisters, he had 4 siblings when he moved on.” The Guardian half growled, half yelled.  He was bringing himself closer to his shift.  He knew that if it went bad, he would be the only one capable of taking down the Wolf.   

Snickering, like a bully that was about to get a payday, “They were ALL Kin jackass.”  Then shifting in he seat, turning and crossing his legs, sitting up straight.  This gave rise to his lineage of one of the Original 12, he was royalty of a sort.  There was a time, when they were revered that way.  Now, the Elders were just commoners.   “Although he was the only one that was self-aware enough to understand what was happening. He could have changed his entire family, started a Den of his own……but Thomas and I fixed that.  We mad sure that the Demon that you created could not spawn any more like him.  We ended his line, in the hopes of ending the danger that you created.  Stupid Bears!”

“What do you mean?”

“Idiot, my paws have just as much blood on them as yours.  Don’t be stupid.  We killed his family, made it all look like accidents.  I’m sure that Matt suspected something, but in his infancy as a Bear, he was clouded by all that comes along with it.  Not to mention you three thought he was special and needed to be cared for, watched after, and coddled.  He was a damn killer before you changed him, what the fuck did you expect would happen.  That the change into a bear would leave him humble, complacent, or docile.  Fools.  Damn fools all of you.  All that change did was connect him to his animal nature.  What was always just out of his reach, was now a constant.  It would have driven anyone else mad, But not Matt…no, not him.  He always finds a way to survive, come back, a little stronger, a little better.  You damn fools, he evolves as a matter of habit and nature.  He is in a constant state of forceful evolution.  I really doubt anyone but another Guardians could bring him down, and even then not one of you could take him in a one-on one contest.  Stupid fucking bears, all of you are just stupid.”  The wolf trailed off as he tipped the bottle of cheap whisky back and took several swallows before slamming the bottle down.  The pain of partially shifting was now washed away.  This was going to turn into a fight, he could smell it in the air.  But he was not going down without a fight.

The Guardian jerked himself forward, and leaned over the table with his hands on it.  In an angry, growling, raspy tone. “You mean to tell us that you, a Great Dire Wolf, brother to the father of Matt, killed his entire family….. Committed Genocide on his line. What were you possibly trying to create, what were you trying build, what chess piece were you trying to move”   His rage becoming physical as the air become hot and his eyes glowed red.    This was a scraggly bear by even the lowest standards, lean, furry, tall.  Taught muscle stretched over pronounced bones, tattered clothing. Dirty, smelly….not caring about how he appeared to others. Not giving two-fucks about what anyone thought.  As he finished, he drew a blade in each hand from seemingly thin air, shifting smoothly into a hybrid form, just like Matt.  Not quite Bear, not quite human, not quite Wolf…..something in between.  He was done, this was going to get bloody, and in all truth, he wanted this Wolf’s head.  His den had been responsible for his first mates death, and now it was time for Karma to be paid

“Ahhhh….your emotions are finally showing cousin.  Nice to know that at least one of you knows the depth of what that does to someone.  Yes, you are who I think you are, one of the original Guardians, brother to Dante.  The one that had his entire family killed, each and every time he tried to settle down.” Stated the Wolf in a plain, detached tone.  Then, giving a dismissing gesture, he continued to draw out the Guardian.  “Did you walk away, trying to distance yourself from the killer that you are?  Tell me old one, do you want to take my head, cut the beating heart from my chest to ease your own pain….Take my energy and give it to the world as penance for my actions.  Fuck you Bear…..If you want my head, you had better bring more than the three of you…Stupid fucking bears.” 

Robert chimed in, “Relax old one, we are not here to fight with you, no matter how you try to draw us out.  Your destiny is yours to make, not for us to alter.  So tell us, why did you do all this?  How did your entire den fall to Matt.  He is just one Bear…..We have all seen Matt in combat at one time or another, we just don’t think he could have done all that, and not been killed or injured in the process.”  Robert pleaded this last statement  He had to understand what Matt was, he had to find out.  He had to check his emotions in all this, and see clearly.  In truth, he despised Matt.  Matt was always on top of everything.  If a question needed an answer, Matt knew where to look.  If a problem had to be solved, Matt could solve it quickly, without needing anyone else.  Matt was well read, worked well with others, and always seemed to be better than he, but never bucked the system of leadership.  Matt was accepting of his role, although he could have easily assume a larger leadership role in the Den, but he never did. 

The Wolf laughed, a great Guffaw of sound and guttural growls. “One Bear…  Let the gods damn you all for underestimating him…  All you seem to do is underestimate him.  Stupid, the only one of your ilk that has an inkling of what he can do is Victor, and even then I really doubt he knows his full potential.  Stupid fucking bears, open your eyes, widen your scope, let all the dissociated pieces come into a loose focus.  Let them sift through your minds, stop looking for connections you must prove, look at the ones that are the most absurd, the most crazy, the ones that you would not even start to test.  Those are the ones that will show you the path, that path to Matt.  It will be the key to his undoing, his justice…”

The bears just looked at him in a glazed amazement.  The fragmented pieces of Matt’s past, all the information they had gathered, fell into place……..  The Great wolf picked up and threw the bottle at the Bears.  Then a scuffle started… Some did not survive…

What The Fuck Would You Do?

Hey Reader, Yeah You! 

You have got to realize by now, that Matt has been though lots of shit in his life.  He has been put into these totally fucked up situations willingly, sometimes not.  Sometimes he walked right into them, knowing all the bad that was going to come with it.  All that shit has a take a toll on the soul. It tears at the fabric of a person, eats at the fiber of what it means to have a conscience, a kind heart, and warm soul.  Those things were ripped from Matt, taken from him by the Elders that put him into those situations, took away is ability to choose.  Yes, Matt turned out to be a pawn in some grand game.  A match that would take centuries to see a true winner. 

  Let me ask you a big damn questions, then I will be gone for the rest of the book.  I told him not to put the parts above in here, but he did anyway.  Here we go,  What would you do if someone murdered your whole family… Took away your loved ones, Human or Werecreature?……Think about it. I’m not defending his actions, far from it. But just for a minute, take a moment, clear you little head and think, put yourself in Matts shoes……what would you have done?  Now remember that you have all the skills to have your revenge, take out your anger, and exercise the avarice that fills your soul.  Again, What The Fuck Would You Do?”

Never mind, Don’t answer that.

– David


Back to the present

Bad Blood

The sun hung in a misty sky, set against dark clouds of swirling snow and bitter cold.  Whatever was happening or about to happen, nature was echoing the silent scream of someone. As Rusty, Normal, and Luke walked slowly away from the entrance of the Hunting Grounds, after leaving there cubs to enter the alien landscape to teach for Matt. It was then, the first group of pursuing Werebears made it to them.  The tension high, moments anxious, speech tense, emotions cold.  After a few minutes, the general greeting conversation turned hostile and pointed.

“What do you mean, you let them pass?” asked the Elder from the western den, Jeremiah.

“It was their choice, they will return, I know they will,” Luke said as the last part trailed off.  Not knowing what was going to happen, but something deep inside told him Matt was alive, he was close, and was starting to wake up.

“Damn it, you clumsy oaf of a Polar Bear, you were the reason our last Guardian vanished.  Now you have let the last two, the last of the line go by the way of the Hunting Grounds.  You should be dealt with for this insolence and stupidity,” spat the bear as he walked toward Luke.

The large Kodiak walked up to Luke.  Before Luke realized what was happening, Norman scooted in between them and shoved the Kodiak away and Luke backward just as a massive paw hissed past Luke’s face.  “Stand down or I will defend the members of this Den,” Norman stated and shifted to half form.  His long Guardian claws glistened in the sunlight.  All the Bears stood still, not knowing what to do.  Behind him, Rusty and Luke made the shift as well, and took up positions on either side of Norman.  If a fight these bears wanted, then they would have it.  These three were done taking orders from anyone, or backing down from anything.  They had let their cubs go, drove loved ones away, and absolutely nothing held much value anymore, and in all truth, a fight would feel pretty good right now.  The natural release of stress for  a Bear. 

“Brothers, brethren, this is not the right course of action,” Boris yelled as he made his way to the clearing, shifting smoothly from Bear form to human.

“If they went though, they had to have a good reason for doing it,” Boris said again, as he turned around to face the crowd of growling Bears.  Attempting logic and calm with them, knowing that all of these Bears were afraid.  They desperately wanted to know that they would be safe from the changing world.  The Guardians were the only ones that could walk in both worlds, be the peacemakers and protectors.

Murmurs were heard, the tension rose, the air became still.  From all around them, rustling, and the breaking of trees assaulted their ursine ears.  The sounds were from all directions.  All the bears turned and looked into the wilderness that surrounded the clearing.  They came then; running animals, all kinds, all shapes, came darting out of the tree line.  They all slowed and approached the Kermode, Guardian and the Polar Bear.  In the lead was a massive Elk, with an enormous rack of antlers, it snorted and bowed to Rusty and Luke.   Flanked on each side were Moose, Boar, Wolf, Fox, and many smaller animals.  From the sky descended an Eagle of epic wingspan.  It pulled up, buffeted its wings and then dropped to the ground, shifting faster than the eye could behold into human form.  Standing at the side of the Guardian, looking out into the sea of angry Bears looking for fight.  He spoke.

“Bear cousins, we have answered the call of the small one.  Tell us, has he awoken from slumber?   Why is there so much anger toward these three? Where can we find the new Guardians?”  Utter silence descended on the clearing.  As all the other animals made shifts to human and half human form.  All were standing with Rusty, Norman, and Luke.  They were surrounding them, guarding them.  They had answered Matt’s call.  Even in his slumber, the proximity to Luke or the transition of the cubs to Guardians had awakened some part of him.  Something within Matt knew his loved ones were in danger.

From beside Luke, a Grey wolf, matching the size of the Kodiak, stepped up and nuzzled the Polar Bear.  Then leaned its head back and let out a long, long, howl.  As he did so, he shifted into human form.  Standing nose to nose with Luke, this man leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek and then turned toward the crowd of Bears.

“If any of you, Bears, are itching for a fight, I suggest you walk away.  I, Eden, Alpha of the pack, will let nothing harm these three.  The small one called us here; a debt is owed him.  I don’t know why there is so much hate directed toward these three, but know that the Arctic Pack stands ready to defend them.”  As he finished his statement, Wolves came silently from all directions, surrounding the Bears.  The Bears, found themselves in an uneasy situation, they were easily outnumbered four to one.  The Bears faced with upside-down odds and a situation that was not planned for, ambled backward toward each other, facing out, with their rumps to one another.

Boris looked back at them in shock.  He knew of other Were-creatures, but the different species always kept their distance from each other.  In his mind, several pieces fell into place.  A long time ago, Luke went missing while Matt was gone on a mission.  No one could locate or track him.  Now it made sense; the Wolves were guarding him.  He never made the connection to the Wolf tracks on lodge grounds and around Matt and Luke’s home.  Now, it made perfect, logical, meaningful sense.  Matt was a natural energy source, a beacon to all animals.  It was just a matter of time before all knew the path to the Guardians home.  It had become a safe haven.  With the security and monitoring systems that Matt put into place, they would have ample warning if vehicles or anyone else approached.  So, it was a shelter home for all creatures.  Again, he was left speechless at how giving Matt was, how much he cared for everyone, and in the end, how little those that he loved cared about him.

“No dog will stop me from teaching that Bear a lesson,” chuffed the Kodiak as he started to lumber forward.

“Stand down Jeremiah, or have you forgotten who gave you that scar down your face,” said the wolf, as he moved to half form and took a step in front of Luke.

Boris stepped in-between them.  “Cooler heads need to prevail.  Let us all go to the Arctic Den, sit and talk about this.”  Boris was cool, and collected, but he could see that the Wolf meant business.  Even though the Bears were larger, the Wolves were wild by nature, and savage pack hunters.  Top of the Food Chain or not, this would not turn out well.

Jeremiah would not be denied, and in a rash move, he charged the wolf.  The wolves and other Were-animals that came would protect the three and honor the debt owed to Matt, threw into the fray. 

This fight would change the course of many lives and leave hurt and guile in its wake.   Animal against Animal in an all out civil war…..

Hey Reader………Sound familiar?

River of Ghosts

The brothers walked into the Hunting grounds and away from their Papa Bears and family.  They instantly realized they were cut off from the human world.  Their fledgling ability to sense nature was cut off and they found the feeling uneasy and disturbing.  The colors here were different, the cold more intense, smells somehow different.  As they walked ghosts appeared around them, looking at them.  All forms of animals were here, all watching the pair, all curious, all knowing what they searched for.

“Do you think they know what we are?”

“Yeah I do.”

“I can feel them.  So cold here…  So distant from me… I am so sad.  Lets find Pashma and get out of here.”

“Yeah I know, but you know what Uncle Bear said, his resting place is lit from within, we are going to have to wait till nightfall.”

“Lets keep walking, I have a feeling we will find him.”

Just then two Bears came lumbering toward them, stopping in front of the Boys.  Both Bears reared up in front of them and issued a silent roar….  It was silent to the boys, but they could feel something reverberate through them.  One a Polar Bear, the other a soft brown longhaired Kodiak.

“I know them…..” spoke William.

“Is it Dante’ and Jürgen?” asked Zackary.

“Yes, I think so.  They match the description from Pashma’s journal.”

“What do they want?”

“I don’t know?”

“Why Can’t we hear them?”

“Wait, I know.” Zackery said excitedly.  He shucked off the two packs and dug out a journal book of his own.  He had made notes when reading Matt’s original journals.

“Pashma said, ‘Too hear those that have departed, you must give up a part of yourself first.  Then you will hear the River of Ghosts and the voices of the dead.” That’s what his journal said.

“Give of yourself?  Why does he always write in riddle….why?”

“What does that mean?”

“I don’t know, but…  Let me try something.  With that William stepped toward to the Bears.  He focused his life force and brought a piece of himself into his hands.  Then he presented it to the two Bears.  A soft, small ball of light blue light hovered just above his hands.  The two larger Bears, looked at the boys and then gently touched their muzzles to the small ball of energy.  At the instant the Bears touched the ball, William screamed as all the sounds of the hunting grounds suddenly roared into his ears.  He connected immediately to the Hunting grounds and everything around him.  The place was alive in ways the human world could never be.  The deafening cacophony of sounds and the energy flow around him dropped the new Guardian to his knees.  The other brother grabbed his sibling and was connected to the same sounds and experiences.  Both lay there for some time, letting the sounds subside and watching everything around them.  Gradually they regained composure and stood.  The two guards stood watch over them, hovering close, tending them.

“That was freaky, I am starting to understand how this place moves.  Can you stand?”

“Yeah, lets get moving, its almost night time.  I want to find Pashma and get the hell out of here.”

“Same here…same here.”

The two brothers, picked each other up and gathered the packs.  The two that were standing guard over them, turned and lumbered off, beckoning the twins to follow.  In a few hundred meters, both of the bears stopped at a small hill, covered with bramble, ground cover, and lichen.  Looking around both of the brothers dropped there packs and started to look around and search for the entrance.

“Found it, yelled Zackery.  As the two started to frantically pull and cut the ground cover away.  More frantic with the passing of each second, they both sensed something that they could not quite comprehend.  Pashma was in danger, they had to help. Suddenly, William stopped.

“Wait…wait….do you hear that?” asked william..  A low rumbling growl filled there bodies, minds, and souls.  All around them a dark coldness started to erupt and ooze out onto the ground.  The twins jumped back and away from the cold.  Whatever it was, it was in between them and Pashma.  They had to reach him, they had to wake him.  They needed him to heal the world, to put the family back together.  Desperate, they took a few steps forward and were blocked by Dante and Jurgen. 

They watched in shock as the black ooze seemed to recede and the low growl stopped. 

“What Now?”

We Camp.  Go get wood, lets make a fire and rest here.

Later after camp was made, a fire started the two were sitting quietly, looking over at the cave, watching the sprits as they circled them, staying away, but still close.  Wondering what was going to happen.

“I think I found something in Pasham’s journal about this“

“What do you mean?

“Let me read it aloud.”  William dug around in his pack, and pulled out a small journal book.

“Wait was that one of the books from the den?”

“Yes, sure is”….

Thumbing the pages to find his spot, “Here it is, its a handwritten page that was added, after the page was written, it was taped in place.  Let me read it aloud……

I am the bone of my sword.

Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.

I have created over a thousand blades.

Unknown to death, nor known to life.

Have withstood pain to create many weapons.

Yet, those hands will never hold anything.

Despair is my desire, death my domain.

I am the bone of my sword.

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“If I had to guess, its a sonnet of his life.  A quick synopsis of his inner self.  What I can’t get straight is if this is really how he felt in life, why did he do all those things the Papa Bears keep telling us about.”

“Yeah, its really a different way to look at him.  It’s like he was two people in one body.  Its scary to think of it, but Papa David did tell us that Pashma was always deeply trouble by what the military had him do.  He always struggled with duty vs reality and the harm it does.”

“It still doesn’t change how I feel.  I will trust and love Pashma no matter what.  He saved us, and for whatever reason walked away.  I need to find out why.  More important that the why is the how.  As good as he was, he still could not have avoided everyone.  It just does not make sense.”

“Yeah, I talked to Uncle David a few months back, he was wrecked when Matt left…..and rightfully so. That Bear loved Matt, but Matt was not going to leave Papa Luke, and that was also something Pashma wrested with all along.”

“All things considered, I would think that Pashma was totally justified in leaving.  I mean, if half the shit is true about how your Papa Luke treated him, then he should have kicked the fuck out of him before he left.”

“I cant argue that, nor will I, but he is my Papa Bear.  Still, I have seen him frazzled a few times, but Papa Norman always stepped in and got him back on the rails.”

“Enough of this worry.  Lets try to get some sleep, at first light, I want take another crack at getting into that cave. I think that no matter what, we need to reach in and grab him, pull him out of that ooze.  Maybe then he will be free of it. It would seem he is swimming in the blackness.”

“The dark can show you the light.”

“Huh, you been talking to that Fuzzy Otter Friend of yours haven’t you?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Nothing, I think you like him, and besides, he is like half your size.  You could cuddle him.  That had to be kinda neat.”

“It was.  You know in that few days he taught me a great deal. As I think on it, it may be the key to getting Pashma out of this mess.”

“Its not a mess, its a situation he created. Remember, we are trespassing here, not him.”

“Okay enough, I am going to sleep.  Peace!”

The Void of Dreams

In the void of dream are reality, up is down, right is left, all things are reversed and not.  The void listens to your thoughts and answers any questions asked of it.  Here in the void, in the dark, in the cold of the Guff, the middle ground between life, and death, Matt drifted.  Silent, quiet, still, cold, resting.  Here is spirit walked, it trained, it learned, in more than a physical sense.  He asked the darkness what he was, and it answered.  He demanded to know why he had to kill so many and the darkness answered. 

Through this endless introspection.  Matt came to realize that he was part of the darkness that had hunted him.  The darkness was the other side of his personality.  It was the animal that Matt kept buried.  Although scared of it, Matt realized that he could draw great power from it. This both terrified and excited him. The darkness had always been with him, tugging at him, egging him to give into his animal nature. It had also protected him, nudged him gently through his enhanced senses as a werecreature. 

Painfully, Matt accepted just how much he had been used by those around him.  He had chosen early to protect people first, and place his own needs second.  Take up the fight for those who could not defend themselves.  Even his military time had been mainly focused on that goal, and Ideal.  This ideal of living a peaceful life, full of purposeful idleness, but when called, protect any and all who needed it.  Matt also realized that he had searched for this Ideal his whole life.

As the never-ending ticker tape played his his mind, with his anger welling up inside of him, feeding the darkness making it stronger.  One scene kept playing through his mind, the events of a single night had changed the course of his life.  Over and over it replayed…..

Matt has just returned from closing his loose ends and after meeting the elders he settles into getting reacquainted with Luke and the others who are attending the annual gathering at the Bear Lodge in Canada.  This year, a special celestial event was occurring.  The moon would be full and the closest to the Earth like no other time.  On this night, a line would be drawn in the sand.

The night had worn on in ursine fashion. Matt and Luke worked their way through most of the new cubs at the lake and Matt had made it known that he was not in a sexually submissive or cub mood. Luke had been the only one to mount him and even then it didn’t last very long. They were affectionate with each other, but all who knew them could see that Matt was not as passive or understanding as he had once been. Not only had he changed physically but something changed within him.. Physically Matt was very taut, another layer of muscle added to his  already impossibly compact frame. His eyes were an even brighter blue, almost glowing white. He body was marked from his neck to his toes; tattoos, tribal markings, and runes adorned his body. He was almost hairless except for the long, steel gray hair on his head.

Matt had slipped away from Luke and the others as they slept in a pile at the side of the lake. A cool breeze blew across the area as Vic looked up to find Matt resting on the edge of the rock face looking out at the moon. The moon hung low in the sky, shining with a radiance and glow that he had never seen before. It seemed to be lending its light to Matt as he lazily lounged across the rock, his leg hanging over the edge. Vic rose stepping lightly to remove himself from the bear pile that had formed; padding closer he notice an elk making its way back into the forest. Chuckling, he cleared his throat to get Matt’s attention.

“I didn’t want company.”

“Well … I …”

“It’s okay, I knew you would come eventually. Actually, I’ve been watching you for a while, just fucking and drinking … drinking and fucking. It’s a wonder you even know their names. Did you know their names? Wait … is it just a fuck for you, or are you planting yourself in all of them so you can access their dreams easier? Spread your network of knowing … is that it Dreamwalker? Boogie man? Or is it Deacon of the Great Bear?”

“Wait just a fucking minute, who are you talking to!?”

Matt chuckled, amused as he watched the anger crest off the bear. He could tell Vic was tensing and getting ready to shift, holding himself just on the human side of the change. “What were you expecting something more tame, more docile, more … cub like?”

“I was actually expecting something kind, and heartwarming … welcoming even. Not a toss off.”

“You were the one who disturbed me, not the other way around, or did you forget that?  Hold on, I know, it’s your age. You think you can take more leave with the young ones. Garner some sort of respect and adoration because you are the biggest of the Bears.”

“I am, none can take me down and-”

Matt chuckled again, “That’s pretty bold and hardly holds any weight anymore. But, if they believe it I guess that’s okay.”

“What the fuck has got into you?”

“Let’s ask the same of you. So how many did you plant seed in? Ten? Fifteen?  Hmm, if your network multiplies exponentially since your change, and the gatherings are your main avenue for doing all this, and then there is an average population density of bears per year … let me put that in. So, this brings your network somewhere in the mid 700K range for the number of Bears you can see through.”

“What …?”

“Don’t be tripe ancient one, did you think I wouldn’t figure that out?”

“What are you talking about? This isn’t why I came up here, to have a argument with you … damn Matt what has got into you?”

“Oh, me? I’m right as rain, fresh as a sunflower on a summer’s day. I was just sitting up here looking at the moon, feeling its pull, listening to the voices of nature on the wind, and keeping watch over the Flock when you wanted to come have a chat.”

“Flock? … what are you saying?”

Matt chuckled and some other part of him rose to the surface, lighting a spark in his eye. He sat up and turned away from Vic, dangling his feet over the edge. “They are just cattle,” he turned his head slightly to the side as he spoke again, his voice deep and gravely as if he were possessed by a demon. “Bears they may be in blood, but at heart … they are just cattle; easy to lead, easy to guide, easy to … manipulate? Wouldn’t you agree?” He sneered, his new ursine teeth barely visible.

Vic took a step to the side and then plopped himself down on the rock beside Matt. “Yes, yes they are but that’s not what’s happening at the gathering. It’s a party, a time for Bears to be Bears, stretch their legs. Most don’t get a chance to be in full Bear form very often. “

Matt sighed and Vic watched as he shrugged to himself, looked up at the sky and then down to his hands. It seemed as though Matt was inspecting his claws as if they were new, or covered in something. Then, in a heartbeat Matt shifted into an unusual half bear form.. He was a mix of human, bear and something different. Stuttering slightly he spoke Vic asked, “Can you share what happened while you were gone?”

Matt smirked, “Conversational distraction, a common method of information gathering.  Sure, I’ll play your game. Where would you like me to start?” He leaned back on his elbows and gazed up at the moon. His paws wiggled over the edge of the rocks like he was playing in the water of the lake.

“Well-” Vic was cut short.

“Stop!” Matt shouted and twirled around onto his hands and knees, looking right at Vic. He had an excited, puppy dog energy beaming out of him like he was excited and wanted to play. Then, as quickly as it came it left replaced with something cold. Matt’s eyes softened and then tightened. He slowly went back to sitting on the rocks with his legs over the edge. “Vic, let’s have this conversation without any guise of control. No lies, no half truths, let me look into your soul and see clear water, not the storm clouds of Ragnarok. I promise that my answers will be as honest as yours. “Shall we start?” Matt finished and again leaned back on his elbows, looking up at the moon. 

“What happened to you?”

“Can you be any more vague?” 

“You’re just being a asshole, what changed?”

“Asshole, I am not. Direct and honest, I am. People need to get used to a bit of honesty in action and word because I am done with silly guises and half steps to save everyone’s feelings.”  Matt  shook his head from side to side and sighed.  Then looked down at the Sleeping flock of bears.  “My turn. Tell me Victor, Dream Snatcher, why didn’t you tell me what I was to become? Why didn’t you tell me about the weight that was going to be placed on my shoulders?”

“We weren’t sure what you were. You didn’t exhibit all the signs of being a Guardian, at least not like anyone in the past. You got smaller. Matt, do you know how unique you are in our world?”

“Unique, thats a good one. Freak of Nature is better. Again, don’t be snide. You weren’t sure? So you didn’t say anything? You let me wallow … no … you let me suffer through life thinking I was going rampant, that I was a freak, that the things I was seeing and hearing were wrong. You and whoever was helping you are just assholes. I don’t think I will ever forgive you.”  Matt spoke in rapid spurts, his voice lowering in both octave and depth as he went on.  As he spoke the fur bristled down his back and the glow in his eyes grew brighter.

Vic watching this, took a gamble. He wanted to see what would happen if this little cub was to lose his temper. “It is what it is. So, what happened to you?”

Matt paused for a second deciding to hold back a little, because Vic was. “I tied the loose ends that I needed to.”

“Thats not what I meant … and you know it.”

Matt tilted his head to the side, and rolled his tongue across his teeth looking over at Vic in a crazy way, almost like a predator would salivate before killing prey.  “I died and was reborn into a different body, life, and mind. Satisfied? Or shall I bore you with the details?”

“Please, bore me …” Vic hissed, his growing annoyance evident in his voice. All he had wanted was to talk, but now Matt was just being obnoxious and contrary. He had never seen him act this way. For a moment Vic thought Matt was going rampant; that he had lost it and was unable to be a Bear. Inside Vic prepared himself for a fight, bringing himself closer to his change. 

“Naaah, I don’t think that’s wise. I would have to wreck your ‘Baddest Bear Around’ status. Besides, it’s all good. I’m not going anywhere … but, I certainly won’t be dealing with you or the Elder’s bullshit anymore. Either you two can be honest with me, about everything, or I’m gone. And, I’ll be taking Luke with me.”

“What …?”

“Stop the angst. You lied to me. You watched me suffer through a life that you could have helped with. You creeped into my mind, stole my thoughts, and used them for your own gain. Victor, you and I need to keep our distance because I’m still not overly sure I won’t kill you in the morning.” 

Vic stopped and stared at Matt. There was a glow about him, like a battery that was being overcharged. Like the aura of static … then it struck him; it was the moon. Vic let his sight shift and he saw a glimpse of it. The energy of the world was circling Matt, charging him. He was connected to the limitless energy flow that swirled around them. Most bears, including Vic, could only glimpse or touch the flow momentarily at the crossing point between Bear and Human, at the edge of the change before the body morphs. Matt was living in the energy, feeding on it. Ever fiber of the Moon Bear’s being seemed to glow, as though it was out of his control as he basked. Tension rose in the air as more energy flowed through him.

“Kill me? Doubtful. You don’t have what it takes. Besides, you don’t kill on a whim. You weren’t made that way. Matt, you are the kindest Bear I know. You’re firm, but also fair. You give everyone every chance to do what’s right before you act. I don’t know what’s got into you but whatever happens I’m not pleased with the outcome. I-”

A guffaw of laughter, whines and spirited growls erupted from Matt as he rolled over onto his belly a few feet away, interrupting Vic mid sentence. “Oh that’s classic. You’re not pleased? … Oooooo I’m so scared of making you mad. Shit, let the Gods be damned and the Great Bear can kiss my hairless ass if I will EVER care if I make you mad again. Just go away Vic … I’m tired of this conversation. You’re an old, insulting ass worthy of my contempt and guile but nothing more,” he paused, watching Vic swell in anger as he made his shift to half form and reached for Matt, his eyes overflowing with fury. Matt smiled, this is what he had been waiting for. He had calculated Vic’s reactions and he was right. Smiling, he reached within himself and let loose the flood of energy that was coursing through him. The world exploded as lightning struck between the two of them. Vic was blown backward and tumbled into the side of the stone barbeque pit. 

The lightning held the ground for what seemed to be an eternity. The deafening clap and instant swirl of cold wind woke all the Bears sleeping below them. In a panic, many of the Bears shifted form to shield themselves from the onslaught of the weather that had enveloped the pond and gathering. Vic’s vision slowly cleared enough for him to see Matt lying on his back, basking in the glow of the lightning as it arced through him to hold contact with the ground. As he writhed around on the ground in orgasmic delight he made eye contact with Vic. When he seemed to reach climax the lightning faded and the wind slowly subsided. He was left squirming on the ground like a cubling that had just finished a meal. Vic got to his feet and stood for a few moments staring down at him, not really processing what was happening in front of him, not wanting to believe what had happened, and not accepting that the Matt he had known had been lost and turned evil. 

The world seemed to pause and the sound around them began to fade as the moonlight lit the gathering area almost as if it was daylight. In its illumination stood Matt, watching, waiting. After surveying the approaching Bears, holding his upturned paws up and titling his head back he looked up at the moon. Then as if being spoken to, he smiled, mouthed a few words that Vic could not hear, and then turned to face Vic and the other Bears that had arrived, shifting back to his human form as he stood there. To Vic utter amazement, just his claws and teeth remained. 

Matt looked around and then down to the group of bears below him, some were making their way back down the path toward the lodge while others were coming up the side of the bluff to the landing where him and Vic stood. “Looks like the party’s over; time for me to leave. Toodles Vic,” he waved his hand, turning his back on Vic as if dismissing a servant or waiter. Vic’s anger boiled; it had been years since he had been talked to or treated this way by anyone human or were-creature. 

“NO! FACE ME CUB!” Vic bellowed as he charged Matt intent on stopping him. He was stuck in the mindset of a disrespected parent; moving toward an eventuality that would scar both of them.

Matt smiled and then moved, shifting into the shadows disappearing and reappearing in front of Vic. The large Grizzly stopped dead in his tracks as if he had run full speed into a cement wall and crumpled to the ground. From the ground where he landed the Bear looked up at Matt, who stood staring passively down at him, before he got up and shook his head. In his daze, Vic heard the other Bears charge at Matt. Matted seemed to just slide in and out of the shadows, incapacitating them as they came to aid Vic; as he touched them, they would drop to the ground as if they had been hit by an electric charge. Soon, only Matt and Vic stood above the group of passed out Bears. They stood apart, like in an old western movie, waiting for the other to make their first move. The wind blew around them, crickets chirped and they stood statuesque  staring each other down.

“I told you once old Bear; to control a thing, you must control a thing. You don’t have what it takes to control me. Not anymore that is,” Matt spoke with the detached frankness of a child telling the brutal truth.

Vic growled low before he got ahold of himself. He knew this would take some finesse. “So Cub, you really want to fight me? You really want to see if you have what it takes to bring me down? Okay Cub, get ready here I come,” he shifted and moved with a speed that was abnormal for a Bear. Matt closed his eyes and easily moved out of the way. After missing with the first strike Vic turned and kept attempting to attack Matt. But, he could not lay a paw on him. Punches, swipes, kicks, nothing would land true. Vic was left panting and out of breath, quickly losing his drive to kill the Cub he had loved from afar for so long. He took a knee, looking up at Matt who remained emotionless through the encounter.

They just stared at each other. The Bears that Matt dropped earlier were waking up and keeping their distance.

“Victor, I think its best that we just end this. I see no need to kill you, but you’re right. I don’t kill on a whim. I’m settling into my new life and my new body. I’m not rampant or evil. Victor thank you for finally trying to kill me; it took you a while, but I’m glad you got it out of your system. Now, we need to talk … as equals. Now, you know that you really can’t stop me if I wanted to kill you, or anyone else for that matter.  Let’s sit for a spell and chat again….

The two chatted a bit, but a wedge was forever between them.  A itch in the back of each of there minds.  They were destined to kill each other, in this lifetime or the next.  Both knew it!

Light in the Dark

A spark in the distance….

A flash of light….

Matt could feel the darkness pulling him away from the light, trying to keep him from moving toward it, chilling his mind and his will to wake.

“Why can’t I wake up?”

“I need to wake up?”

“Damit it, why can’t I wake up?

Matt struggled and struggled against the blackness then he asked the question. “Why won’t you let me go?”  The blackness answered with a string of visions.  All the people that Matt had killed in his life.  Each one, dancing toward him and the memory of the moment when he took their life played like old technicolor-cinema in 360 degree panorama. 

The images danced, torturing Matt, making him latch onto his hate of humans, his disgust of the Bears that had used him.  Everyone that had ever hurt him, including Luke.  Consumed by his hate and guile, Matt floated.  The ideal of a life lived to serve others played before his mind.  He saw that his ideal had left nothing but regret in his heart.  He had taken care of others for so long, neglected his own needs, that he has become a being devoid of pride, hurt, damaged.

“What do you want?” Matt asked.  The answer was more images, this time of the twins, in the brief few days that he was with them.  The darkness wanted the twins.

“I will protect you” Matt screamed in his sleep.  He was forcing himself to wake up.  He was struggling back from the abyss of blackness.  Matt started pulling energy from anything he could.  Reaching deep within himself.  He would drag himself toward the brief flashes of light. 

He could sense the twins.  They were close, but why could he not just wake up?  What was preventing him?  Matt trashed and screamed in the silent void of nothingness as he floated.  Unable to move forward, unable gain traction, a foothold that would propel him toward the light.  He was stuck. There Matt floated… thrashing, unable to move forward, or backward, slowly descending into the every consuming embrace of unrelenting panic.

As Matt thrashed in the void, unable to go forward, unable to go back, a voice whispered in his ear.  “Emotions are tangible things….anger and hate are like stone….joy and happiness as the wind….each has a place….learn to use each.”  The voice faded… It was his fathers voice.  Focus, he had to focus on something positive.  he had to shake himself from the somber darkness. He had to find his light….

All for One, One for All

A few kilometers away from where the twins entered the Hunting Grounds, a battle was coming to an end.  The Bears that started it had retreated from the field of battle, pursued by the remaining Wolves, led by Eden.  Many were injured but many more had perished in the battle.  As the remaining Were-creatures, started healing and coming around.  Two sat back to back at the epicenter of the battle, looking at the trio of bears that were at the center of the conflict.  The moon hung low in the sky and the wind had started its chilly churning as the day turned into night.  The sky seemed to be divided into two distinct halves.  The light and the darkness.  It was as if nature was bending to the struggle that Matt was enduing, and seemly everyone else connected to him.

Trees were down, small fires were smoldering in scattered places.  The dead lay where they had fallen.  The native animals were distant, watching, mindful, not sure how to react.  Even insects left this place.  There were only a few fighters left alive in the area.   The animals that could walk, retreated back into the woods, and made there way back whence they came.

“That was quite a fight I walked into. I haven’t had that much fun in a few hundred years.” Sighed a Giant River Otter, in half form, with an Hungarian accent so thick, it was hard to gauge.  His swords, hung loosely in his hands, the blood running from the tang of the blades, dripping into a pool on the ground.  Some of the blood was his, but most of it was the others that had started the fight that day.

“Don’t get to comfortable there.  You know that little war party of Bears that Jeremiah  had with him was just the start.  Two other groups were searching for the Twins.  This battle took place just off the western entrance to the Hunting Grounds…others will soon follow.” Grunted the Elk in half form, his own body showing signs of a protracted battle.  Laying this tomahawk and knife at his sides, he slid over on his side onto the cold flat rocks.  The deep cold of the rock, pulling the heat from his body, along with it the pain of healing.  Looking up at the moon.  Thinking to himself…  Bear of the moon, why is all this happening?  What are you calling the twins for?  Why did you choose to sleep here of all places?  Why the fuck should I care anymore?

Rusty sat down against the ragged based of an upturned tree. He sat quietly, trying to process what had just happened.  Fighting was not something the Spirit Bear was ready for, but he had survived and held his own in the commotion. He had locked onto a part of his ability that he never knew existed.  He could use the energy of nature as a weapon, and he did that.  It made his paws of stone, his claws like swords.  Shaking inside, he had never had to hurt anyone.  Never in his life, even as a bear, had be been in a fight.  This was something he was not ready for.  Lost in thought, Norman, and Luke were close by.  Norman was panting heavily, forcing his body to heal, pulling energy from nature.  He stood on the trunk of the tree, trying to gain a higher vantage on the surrounding area.  He knew that others would come, and as he looked around him, the full extent of the battle started to hit him.  The dead lay strewn about like someone scattering seeds in a pasture.  The smaller animals that came faired the worse, but even a few of the larger ones had fallen.  He spotted the mighty boar has she slumped down and breathed her last breath.  He saw the soft wisps of life-force leave her body and join the world.  Looking over at Luke as he kind of half leaned and half slumped on the tree, sliding down to his knees, then onto his back, rolling over.  Normans eyes grew large as he saw that Luke had gashes across his chest, neck, face, paws, and belly.  He noticed right away that a soft blue light had started to form around his body, he was healing himself.  Even if he had no idea what he was doing.  Luke had been torn up in the exchange, but he was none-the-less alive.  Norman thought quietly to himself… I knew this was going to happen.  I knew that others would die.  Fuck Matt, this is all your fault.  Why the fuck are you involving all of us in this.  I wish you would have just stayed gone, or just stay dead for all I care.  This destruction was not needed, or wanted..  Fuck you Matt.

Norman picked up a faint outline of plane flying overhead.  Looking up, squinting to bring the speck into focus, he noticed 4 dots appear out the rear of the aircraft.  “We have company!” he half yelled, have growled.  The others in the area turned attention to Norman as he pointed skyward.  The Were-creatures that were within ear-shot, stood.  Readying themselves for another fight, making a loose circle around the Kermode and Luke.

“Well, that little rest period was too short.  What say we give them one hell of a fight this time.  Let the Gods see our conviction.  Let us stain the ground in blood and forest of epic proportion grow in our wake.  Ahh hell, this is fun.  Finally a little excitement in my life..,” Yelled the Otter. Shifting into a hybrid half form.  He was a guardian as well.  His swords at a ready, his claws sharp, teeth ready.  Whatever was about to happen, he would meet it head on.  He would repay his debt to Matt.  He would pay that debt in his own blood if needed.  He smirked as the dots came closer.

Standing as well was the Elk.  Remaining silent, he too followed the dots as they came closer.  “You know, you always liked to fight.  How many drunken saloons and stoops have I drug you out of?” He asked the Otter.

“Many old friend.  But I feel great.  It has been a long time since I have felt this alive.  My senses are on fire, my mind ablaze.  I am alive again.  Not just watching the years pass, growing this magnificent beard.  Let us show these young whelps how we do things.  Although its not hard to see who survived that last battle and who did not.  However, lets give them a good fight.  I have some fight left in me.”

“You dear Otter are the most ferocious of your kind.  It was an honor to have known you, and fought by your side…” The Elk trailed off as the specks in the sky were becoming larger. 

“You can stop the good bye speeches.  I know they are tradition among your people, but not in my den.  Family is the bond, we fight as a team.  You know, its kind of like it was in the old days.  You know, All for one, One for all…” smirked the Otter.

Chuckling a little, his mood lightening and the dots came closer, “ It would seem I have misplaced my Rapier and Cloak over the years, please forgive me brother. 

****** 47,000 Feet overhead, a few minutes earlier. ******

Earlier in the day, a small group of Guardians from around the world received a message from Eden, Alpha of the Aric Den.  “Matt is waking up, Twins in danger, War eminent!” along with a set of coordinates.  They matched the western pass to the Hunting Grounds.  These Guardians made there way to Bjorn Airfreight and were quickly ushered onto the waiting aircraft.  In short order Marty and George had the visitors seated and in the air.  They pushed the lumbering aircraft to its absolute limit racing overhead.  They knew no landing was possible, the visitors would have to jump into the area.  No communication could be made with anyone.  It was was if there was a Black Zone with a 300 mile radius covering the area.  Nature was churning.  Storm systems were being pulled to the area, everything low level was rocked with lightning and wind that would have made even a veteran pilot think twice.  But theses were not human pilots, they were Bears.  Each person had a connection to the ones on the ground.  All knew that a war was coming…they all hoped to avoid it.   

“Two minutes to drop,  two minutes to drop”  Yelled Marty over the headset.  Behind him, 4 figures stood, one turning to give Marty a thumbs up and closed the hatch of the cockpit.  Were-creature or not, when the rear aircraft door opened, it would wash the inside of the craft in sub tropospheric air, turning any moisture to ice and making movement hard. 

Here the four stood in silence.  The four were Matts closest comrades in arms.  His Team.  They would have arrived earlier, however the message from Eden, the leader of the Arctic Wolf Pack had been delayed.  They all hopped that they were not too late. 

Each carried their weapons of choice, a compliment of first aid gear and other supplies that would be needed in any battle.  First there is Zelka.  Female Gray Wolf, Cousin to Eden. Her specialty is close quarters and hand to hand combat.  She is also the smallest of the team and defacto  leader in Matts absence.  Next we have Mizukia.  He is Panda bear, a Master Archer and Swordsman.  Specializing in surveillance and information gathering.  Next on the trip was Christina. She is Cougar.  Swift and fast.  Her specialty is communications and long range target elimination.  She speaks most were-creature languages as well as 6 human ones.  Lastly was Jeff.  He is bear, of Russian lineage.  His specialty is heavy weapons and explosives, fire team support and logistics. 

Zelka reached up and pulled the release for the rear cargo door.  The inside of the craft washed in freezing air as the group stepped from the ramp and into an open frozen hell.  Getting a bearing, they made a bullet descent to meet up with the Wolves.  They all hoped it was not too late.

As the ground came closer, Christina chimed over the radio.  “I am seeing fires, and bodies in the area.  I see 8 or 10 figures up and in a loose circle.  That would seem to be Luke and Rusty. — Over”

‘Copy that. Everyone break off, vary your landing vector.  Keep it frosty, we have no idea what we are jumping into, or who won this battle, be ready for anything.” Zelka stated.  All that was spoken was “Roger” from each of the team members.  Silence and the sound of there own heartbeats and breath filled there ears.

**** On the Ground ****

The warriors that were left formed a loose circle around the Kermode and Luke.  They watched as the dots split from a loose circle formation and went in different directions.

“They are going to open low and hit hard.  If I had to guess they are ‘were’ of some sort.  Be ready everyone..”  Growled the Otter.  He brought himself fully into the battle at that point.  He knew he was exhausted.  As good as he was, his body was beat up, he stores of energy depleted.  He was sure the others were in the same shape.  This would either be a blessing of help, or his demise.  Either way he was ready, his life long, his happiness overflowing.  Now, in this moment, he was alive. 

They watched as the three of the chutes opened, but one kept going.  The figure was coming right for Rusty and Luke.  At an impossibly low altitude, the diver, opened two chutes, slowed the descent then cut them loose, landing in a roll, ending on its feet, weapons drawn.

Zelka’s hair flowed out from under her jump helmet and goggles.  “Don is that you?” She yelled, dropping her weapon and holding her hands up in a gesture of non-hostility.  Inside her heart jumped, he was cut all over, covered in dirt, blood and guile.  He was torn up.

“Puppy-Girl, You have no idea how glad I am to see you.” He said as he holstered his weapons and took the 10 or so steps toward her.  They met in a kiss, a short, urgent, desperate kiss.  Pulling free, she keyed her throat mic.  “Secure the area, these are Allies.  Report on any hostiles entering the area.  Render aid where you can.”  “Roger” was all that was said, as the other members of the group landed, and started there chores.  Working quietly and quickly to survey the fallen and secure the area.

Everyone exhaled, the tension broken and all felt relieved they had help, medical care, and a few more hands in this fight.  Over the next few hours, they moved to a higher location where they could observe the mountain pass, relocated the wounded with them, and buried the dead the best they could. 

A fire was started and water drawn.  A herbal tea was prepared by Mizukia.  An ancient recipe, that would heal the body, calm the mind, and ease anxiety.  Not much was said as they looked at each other around the fire.  Luke was distant from everyone, Rusty was still asleep where he collapsed when they arrived, Norman was by his side.  The River Otter and Elk, still in half form, sat by the fire, speaking to Matts Team.    It was time to make a plan and move, they were sure to be another battle coming. 

Your Ideal is Flawed

Floating, in the void Matt thrashed.  The quiet, internal, forceful introspection had driven him to face his life as a whole.  A life lived to serve others.  One that he was proud to have lived, but at the end, was left hollow and empty.  Seemingly everyone around him had used him.  Taken from him the very joy he brought to others.  All Matt ever wanted was to make people happy, to keep them safe.  Rolling  back the memories, he examined his life from the very start, to find the beginning of this.  To find his light. 

The dream of serving others started very early in his human life.  On the coast of a Barrier Island, Matt sat beside his father, overlooking the fishing boats as they came in from the day.  Matt would count them, he memorized the Hull Numbers, and the crews by name.  He would stand on the pier and wave at the captains and crew, he would scream, “welcome back” and other things of encouragement.  All truly good things, good messages of positive energy.  Later in the day, when his father visited the Pub, he would always tag along.  These men became his family.   It would seem that in his youth, this was all that Matt was;  a little super charged battery of joy, happiness, and positive energy. He remembered very clearly that his father would quiz him on the hull numbers, and how many crew had left that morning, and how many crew came home.

It was here, on this pier, that Matt would learn about life and death.  On the eave of the King Tide, when one boat did not come home.  He had refused to leave the pier, watching the ocean, for a vessel that would not return.  He had fallen asleep on the Pier, waiting that night  During his exhausted slumber, many of the Captains and Crew had come to the pier, keeping silent vigil with Matt.  In the morning, when he awoke, he was wrapped in a jacket, several sweet breads and a bottle of milk were beside him.  He was alone.  There Matt sat, until his father collected him, and took him to the Pub.  There, the crews had gathered, waiting on news over the radio from the Coast Guard.  There was debris spotted and a search was started…  However, the 7 man crew of the Jupiter Rising, were never to return to port. 

Floating in this void, Matt relived his gut wrenching pain that followed as he wrested with the concepts, and then accepted things he could not change.  Life and Death, what could he have done, was this somehow his fault, should he have seen anything when the Jupiter left that morning.  Round and round Matt’s thoughts spun.   It was here, at this Pub, on this day, that the dream was formed. A small spark that would later ignite into the passion of his life.   He sat on the bar stool, barley able to see his reflection in the mirror on the back of the bar.  There was noise all around him. The normal hustle and bustle of a Cafe / Pub.  Many of the men that came that day noticed Matt sitting there.  All were given a warning to leave him alone.  That was Master Owens’s son, and he was morning the death of friends.  All gave him distance.  Matt just sat, starring at himself, and in his very young words, told himself that he would do whatever he had to, so the people he held dear, would not die.  A time later, the word came over the radio, that they had recovered several bodies, but not everyone.  The vessel was classified as Lost At Sea, and the case closed due to the King Tide making searches dangerous.    

…Time Moves Forward…

As Matt grew into a young man, and attended secondary school, the dream re-kindled itself, as his first brother passed away unexpectedly while in Europe.  Matt had always thought that it was odd and strange, but lacked the voice to raise concern.  So, Matt was thrown into the turmoil of his extended family, a world that he was not prepared for erupted into his young life.  You see, Matt was the last of 7 children.  Each of this older siblings, absolutely detested Matt.  In their mind, he got more than they did, got away with things that they did not growing up, and in general was a spoiled, only child.  Matts parents had intentionally kept Matt away from them.  Shielded him from the negative onslaught.  As both of his parents flew to Europe to accompany his brothers remains home, his siblings stayed at the estate.  They were suppose to watch over Matt, but it turned into a party, in memory of their departed brother.  At the time, Matt did not connect all the pieces.  Later in life, he would find out that his siblings had parted with his mother and father over inheritance, and control of the estates and business that his parents owned.  He was not prepared for the unyielding negativity or pettiness of them all.  They would harass him where he slept, intentionally drop him off late for school in the morning and forget to pick him up in the afternoon. This all happening at the time, when most young men are going through puberty, Matts body seemed to be stuck, and paused.  He was barely 5 foot tall, 74 lbs, and bone thin.  His small size made him an easy target for his remaining bother, and the host of cousins and friends that came to the party.  In the five weeks that his parents were overseas, his siblings trashed the estate, moved Matt to the carriage barn to allow more guests to sleep in comfort.  All the while telling his parents all was fine….  In the few days before his parents arrived home, the maids came to clean, and found Matt high in the carriage barn.  He had secluded himself, and there he had stayed.  Matt had missed school, was dehydrated, and hungry.  As Matt lay huddled among the canvas and other car parts, the first glimmer of hate and avarice entered his being.  Here in the cold and dark, he welcomed the darkness into his life, for that was all he had left to cling too.

… Time Never Stops…

“You need to control your anger.” Matts father said as they sparred.  With wooden short swords they would spar.  Thrust and parry.  Dodge and slice.  Matt would hover between being in control, and blinding rage.  “I am in control, the rage gives me strength, that I would not have otherwise,” Matt growled at this father.  The sparring would continue, as Matt would fall deeper and deeper into this rage state. A compulsive fighting posture that was not normal to Matts makeup.  In truth, Matt was stronger than his father, but Matt was unskilled.  He had started to develop innate skills, that would come out on there own when he would spar.  Spacial awareness, agility, speed; all seemed to be better when Matt would fall into the abyss of anger and hatred, and the other part of himself took control.   It was as if he were two people or someone or something were fighting for him.  Later he would calm down, and it would be a visible shift between the two states. His father observed the difference in gate, manner, and action.  Matt would slip in and out of this protective posture, anytime he sensed a threat.   

His father was at a loss to its origin until a day early in the summer of Matts’ 16th year.  Matt had been instructed to work out on his own this day.  In the workout area, that was below the veranda at south end of the kitchen,  Matt had completed his calisthenics and stretching, and was working through his fighting drills on the wooden dummy.  Lost in the movement, impact, and exercise, Matt was unaware that his brother had come to speak with his father.  At some point, his brother, Richard, had made his way onto the veranda, overlooking the workout area to observe.  He had poured himself a drink from the bar table, and lit a cigar from the humidor. 

“So Father, teaching the little shit everything huh?” Richard spoke to there father with disdain in his voice, loud enough to catch his younger brothers attention. This was intentional, and intended to goad the younger.  As Matt turned, anger filled his heart.  “Now leave Matt alone Richard, he is doing just fine on his own.  “No, No, I would like a little match with him. Since you keep him so well secluded from he real world.  Come, Matt, lets see what you can do.”  Richard said as he downed his drink and stepped toward the steps that would lead down and into the courtyard.  “No Richard,” his father grabbed him firmly by the shoulder.  “You are no match for him, please don’t do this.” 

Richard pulled free of his father, and walked defiantly down the steps, picked up a practice long sword from the rack, and stepped toward Matt. The older brother started to twirl the practice weapon around his hands, and body.  Making a show to intimidate his younger sibling.    Mr. Owens sat back. He knew that this fight had been written in fates tapestry a few years ago and that the threads would soon be dripping in blood.  Mr. Owens also knew that he would have to step in, if things got to out of control.  Looking out, he could see that Matt had an eerie calm about him, he had slipped into the other being inside himself.  Pulling his vision back, Matt was aglow with the energy that circled the estate, and it was being pulled toward him.  Looking back at his sons, he knew that Matt was going to win, but he had to let this play out, otherwise the demons that tortured both of them would never be put to rest. 

“Going to pick up anything to fight me with?” Spat Richard.

“Sure,”  Matt hissed.  His voice had deepened, this tone elongated and crisp.  His eyes were almost glowing.   “I have wanted this for some time.  Lets see brother, are you really the man you think you are?  Lets see if I can put all this glamor and bravado that you hold so dear in its place,”  Matt replied calmly, as he walked over to the rack of very sharp, very real, very deadly bladed weapons.  Here he found his favorites.  Twin short swords.  The hand grips a bit longer, the blades wider. Not what you would commonly see in American or European styles of combat.  They were more akin to Hungarian or Northern Asia, mongrel weapons. “Come dear brother, let me see the conviction in your sword.  I want to look into your eyes as I crush every ounce of pride you have.  I will drink your blood as I would morning Tea.  Ready yourself dear older brother, its time you got back some of the hurt you dealt me.”

“You cant be serious,” Richard retorted.

“Oh I am.  I am willing to put my skill to the test, and my life on the line, are you?  Seriously, the time for petty shows, and parlor tricks is over.  You are 19 years my senior.  Some will say that you should win, because you have better skills.  Others would say, that I should bow to you, as the eldest of the family. I THINK NOT.  I BOW TO NO ONE ANYMORE.  Ready yourself brother.  I am going to take my time and enjoy this.” replied Matt, as he walked over to the far side of the square sand filled ring, and knelt down, resting on his knees.  The blades were laid at this sides and he clasped his hands on his lap.

“Well, you little fucking shit.  If you want to play it that way.  Sure, lets do it for real.  I am going to enjoy putting some scars on you, and making sure you stay in your place.  This is my house you are resting in. Everything that father has will be MINE.  I will take everything from you.  I hate that father treats you special and I’m going to wipe that smirk off your face.”  Richard said as he walked up are grabbed a broadsword from the rack. 

“You misunderstand Richard.  I am not just going to beat you.  I am going to kill you.  Slowly. Painfully. Completely.”  Matt said coldly, as he rose to his feet, taking the blades and moving toward the center.

“Oh little brother, you are so full of shit.  You are so delicate and small.  Almost like a woman.  You could not kill a fly, let along your own flesh and blood.” Richard said as he lunged toward Matt. 

The match that ensued, was one sided from the start.  Richard would charge, and Matt would step into the advance, parry the blade, and slice Richard on an exposed body part.  Richard very quickly realized the gap in their skill.  As Richard had gone off to party and live his life.  Matt had devoted every moment to improving his skill.  Nothing had gotten in the way of that goal. Matt had trained for hours and days.  He had sparred with as many fighters as his father could find.  He absorbed everything he was taught.  Fear crept into Richards mind, as he was cut over and over.  He found himself locked into a fight that he had no exit from.  Matt had positioned himself at the exit from the courtyard.  Richard would either have to climb the densely grown hedge, or fight through Matt.  But either way he was not leaving until Matt decided it.

None of the cuts were deadly, but he was bleeding, and the blood was making it hard to move. Richards hands were covered, his chest, back, legs, and now face, showed the intent of Matts devotion to his skill.    Looking on from the Veranda, Mr. Owens, looked very concerned.  Matt was toying with Richard, as a barn cat would play with a field mouse, Matt was doing the same.  He was intentionally causing damage to his opponent, drawing out the fight. Inflicting pain.   This was not a part of Matt that he liked or really knew existed.  He had always pondered that a part of him could be evil, but even he was not prepared for the sinister nature that had taken over Matt.  The fight was ramping up.  Matt had stopped cutting his brother, but was now beating him with knees and elbow strikes from impossible angles.  Even Mr. Owens was in awe at the skills Matt was displaying. He seemed to be able to float in the air.  The wind had picked up around the house and every time Matt would strike his brother, it did not appear to have much force, but the visible impact was immense.  Matt had calmed down even further, and was actually smiling.  He was not even breathing or sweating hard.   

After Richard was suitably winded and beat to his knees, Matt started to verbally taunt his brother.  Laughing at the older siblings almost non-existent skills, in comparison to his.  Making note of everything that Richard held dear, and mocking him for it.  Matt was tearing him down, just like Richard did to him.  Matt dropped his blades and egged Richard back into the fight, “Come on brother, lets see what you can do If I am unarmed?” Richard attacked then, with everything he had left.  Matt quickly disarmed him, and took the fight to bare hands.  Here is where Matts totally destroyed his older sibling.  He repeatedly slapped him across the face, and swept his feet out from under him.  Over and over Matt threw his older brother to the ground. One by one, Matt broke Ribs, Fingers and other bones.  His brother was left on his knees, unable to move his arms, looking up at his younger brother. 

Leaning down, so he was at eye level, Matt whispered, “I know what you want to do with Fathers’ wealth, and Mothers’ Estate, I WILL NOT let you piss it all away for your stupid dreams of parties and women. Know this brother, I forgive you now for the harm you game me, but if you EVER cross me again, I will KILL you.  Understand?”  All his brother could do was nod.  Matt reached up, and shoved him backwards and onto his back, in the sand.  The young victor left his brother crying, screaming to the sky unable to move, cursing everything around him.  Matt left him alone, just like he had left him years ago. 

Turning Matt left him there not wanting to be near his brother any longer.  Walking up to his father, he bowed, then walked past to go to his room.   “I am proud of you Matt, I really am.  You could have killed him easily.” His father spoke in passing. 

Looking back over his shoulder, Matt replied. “I did kill him.  His spirit is broken, his universe is now destroyed.  I have taken away everything that makes him a man in this world.  He will either learn to live again, or die on his own.  Either way, Karma was repaid today.  Thank you Father, for allowing me to train, and guiding me on my path.  I know that I am almost to much for you to handle.  I have watched you bandage your hands after we spar.  For that I am truly sorry.  Please forgive me.”

“Son, you were forgiven before you even did it.  Now, go shower and clean up.  I think you have earned a seat at the Pub tonight.  I am sure that the boys will love to hear about this fight.”  Mr. Owens smiled.  He knew that Matt had held back.  He knew that Matt could indeed be evil, but had chosen another path.  Relieved Mr. Owens, called one of the butlers to attend to Richard, and went inside as well. 

…Seven or More Decades Later…

“Sir Otter you fight like a beast possessed by a demon.”  Matt spoke as he was being backed into the corner by a Giant River Otter in half form, wielding a Rapier and Dagger.  A master at the ballet of European Fencing and Dual Wielding combat.

“Ah, Sir Bear, you are indeed a rather good opponent for one of your ilk.  I have sparred with many bears, but you are by far the most entertaining,” Spoke the Otter has be parried and dodged Matts short swords.  Matt and the Otter were moving so fast that the spectators were having a hard time keeping up. 

The two kept on like this for hours.  Neither one of them giving or taking the advantage.  They were both lost in the movement and patterns of combat.  The unyielding steel bent to both of there wills.  Blades, fists, feet, all blended into a deadly ballet.  Sweat poured from them, using up all reserve energy within them.  And still they kept up the dance.  What had started as a quick sparring session had changed into therapy for the both of them.  Therapy in motion, combat as a means of emotional release.  Not many could hold there own with Matt, and now, in this place of peaceful worship, deep in the Swiss Alps, two creatures had found each other, itching for a fight, but yet cautious as to what that would mean.  The Giant River Otter was skilled, and a Guardian like Matt.  It was by invitation that they were both at this place.  A not-so chance meeting, but one with very positive consequences.  After many hours, of sparring, the two stopped.  Took a step back away from each other, dropped there blades and then embraced as brothers. 

“May the Gods be praised, for sending you here today.  I’m glad that we have come to meet.  Please, lets talk at length.  That is, after we both have cleaned ourselves. What do you say?”  Asked the Otter.

“I would like that very much. Thank you for the match, it has been many years since I enjoyed sparring this much.  You have my humble thanks.  Say I don’t recall even getting your name?” Bowed Matt as he finished in a gesture of genuine respect. 

“Stand young one, please.  I’m know as Simara Sagrav these days.  But most just call me Sim.  I am overjoyed to have met you.  I hope that we can see much of each other this weekend.  Both in and out of ring,” Winked the Otter.

“Oh yes, I would like that,” Blushed Matt as he took stock of the Otter.  He was just a bit shorter and thinner than Matt. From the looks of it, had a substantial package to back up the high sex drive of the Otter family. 

“Okay Sir Bear, I will see that we have a table in the meeting hall.  Lets meet there in a few hours, and yes.  I have ample equipment. Your eyes have not left my crotch,” teased the Otter, as he patted Matt on the shoulder.

Matt smiled shyly and was even more embarrassed than before.  They shook hands, the touch lingering, then departed.  Matt made his way to his room, and then to the communal bath of the Monastery at Sol Du Grand St. Bernard.  At dinner,  Matt and Simara talked about each of there pasts and how they came to be Guardians.  It had been some time since Matt had opened up to anyone or talked in  detail.  It was both refreshing and deeply moving.  The weights that had held Matt down, seemed to lift, if only for a moment.  The two did enjoy each other many times that weekend.  They both attended the meeting of the Elders along with other duties, but they always made time to talk at night over dinner. 

“So at the the core of your being is the dream of making the world a safer place?” asked Simara.

“Yes, at the core.  I would like to live in a world were there was no needless death due to war or aggression.  A world were we cherished each other and moved forward toward a better future,” answered Matt.

“Your dream and Ideal are flawed.  They cannot exist in the same space.  Dear boy, I have killed for the sake of saving the many.  Its a vicious cycle that can be justified however you wish, but the outcome is the same.” said the Otter, a little annoyed, and the hair on the back of his neck was standing up, like a sign of impending danger.

“I disagree, committing yourself to a goal or dream is a way of focusing effort and action.  Its internal and does not have to make sense to anyone else, just the person.”  Matt replied, his tone lower.  Like a child trying to justify something to his parents.

The Otter raised the knife he was using to cut his dinner, and pointed it at Matt, “Look young one, you will end up hollow, alone, and totally used up.  Take a different path, look for other ways.  Besides, I still don’t agree with you being so subservient to your Elder.  Boris was it?”

Matt leaned back a little in the chair getting annoyed.  “Look, I didn’t ask for you to agree with me, but you asked the question and I answered it. Whatever course I take in life, let it be mine.  I believe in a better tomorrow and I will do what I can to make that dream come true.  I give of myself, because I don’t know any other way to be.  Is that wrong?”

“Its dreadfully hypocritical of you to even elevate yourself like that.  You don’t get to decide who lives and dies.  You are just a lap dog for your Elder.  Tell me, does he share your dream, or was it just an easy way to get what you wanted.  Remember young Bear, I have sparred with you. I have felt the messages conveyed through the crossing of blades.  The intent of the heart is written on each strike as it lands.  You are conflicted, and at war with yourself.  Either decide what you want to fight for, or more importantly, decide what you want to live for.  Either way you are stuck!” Finished the Otter, as he stood and made a gesture that he was leaving the dinner table.

“You know I realize that its flawed a long time ago.  But just because you are correct, it does not make your right.  Its my dream, and core to who I am.  I have always known that it was an impossible dream, but thats what makes it beautiful and special.  Because I cannot possibly see it come to fruition in my own life, It’s alway fresh, always new.  Every day is a new day and one that I am excited to live.”  Matt finished and just looked at the Otter.   

The Otter stared at him intently, then bowed to him.  “Sir Bear, I am even more impressed by you.  Even more enthralled with every little part of you I come to know.  Please, stand, let us join the others for drinks.  After all, this monastery is named after  Saint Bernard, I hear that he drank his weight in beer and whisky each day,” laughed the Otter as he all but yanked Matt from his seat.   The two did drink much that night.  Even in a drunken haze, the two were caught outside on the veranda, making out as the snow fell on them.  Who knew that an Otter and Bear, could get along do nicely.

…Floating in the Void…

Matt became still.  As he looked at the mental picture of his life.  He found it, his Light.  The dream was his light, it was all that was needed to start his movement back to the land of the living.  He could feel his conciseness move toward the light and one by one his senses came back to him.  Smell, hearing, and feeling were first. He laid there for a time smelling a campfire that must be close.  Listening to the twins as they talked, he smiled.  He was waking up….

Ghosts of the Past

Matts team kept a watchful eye on the surrounding area as the Bears, Elk and Otter sat and let there bodies heal.  All seemed to be a little more that on edge after the day. 

Luke was distant, almost in a catatonic state.  Rusty was sleeping in a huddle, close the fire, curled up facing away from everyone.  It was almost like he was ashamed of what happened, even though he had won this fight, and lived another day.

“Others will come and it will get bloody.” snickered the Otter.  Feeling himself oddly recharged after the tea, and a little tipsy, but not really caring. 

“Lets hope we can avoid that, I really don’t think this battle was called for.” Retorted Norman.

“Yeah, I know.  Hey, Polar Bear.  Mind telling us what the hell this fight was about.  I think we know that we were all called here, or more importantly, pulled here. However, the bloodshed was a little extreme, even for Werecreature battles.” Barked the Elk.

Norman spoke up, holding a paw up to Luke and Rusty as they turned to look in the direction of the questions, telling them to be silent.  “This battle was not warranted, and Matt caused all of it.” Norman half growled.  His emotions coming to the surface.  Sighing and collecting himself a bit, “All of this was Matt’s doing.  He orchestrated everything.  He left coded messages in his journals.  Secret coordinates, gear, everything.  He left everything so the Twins would find it.”

“What are you saying?” Asked the Elk.

“You are not getting it.  Matt set all this up ahead of time.  He left things laid out in his journals.  He knew that the twins would be able to decipher his journals and find everything, not us.  I don’t know how, but he knew all this was going to happen.  Like he saw it in his dreams or something.”

“Explain Please.” asked the Otter, his own interest piqued.  He had only spent a few days with Matt, but that was decades ago.  More recently, he had had the wonderful opportunity to spend one-on-one time with the twins.  His crotch expanded slightly from the remembrance of that week.

Sighing again, Norman sat down on his rump, with a look of defeat coming over him.  “Way back when Matt left, he planned it.  It started in our home.  He removed himself from the Wall of Life, totally erased his existence.  All his accounts had been closed, cell phones turned off, identities destroyed, all photographs had been destroyed from both the hardcopy photo albums, and all electronic media.  He went so far as to wipe all his fingerprints from every inch of the house as well as every piece of gear he left behind.  I don’t think you grasp the scope of what that did to us.  We had a bond, he saved my life.  Shit, I don’t care that he left.  Fuck, Luke treated him like shit toward the end. But he could have done it differently.”

Everyone just stopped and looked at each other, Luke had turned away from everyone and curled himself into a ball, nose to the ground, tears rolling silently down his face.  Rusty was just looking at Norman and the others were just looking at each other.

”Sounds like him,” Zelka spoke up.  Startling everyone around the fire.  None had sensed, smelled, or heard her come to the circle.  She moved like Matt. 

“Fair lady, with steal gray hair, would you mind taking a few moments and elaborating on this.  I am dreadful at mysteries, and I think we are all a little tired of the little games of cat and mouse.” mused the Otter.  Knowing that his tone, although jovial and theatrical, covered a growing anger.  Not at anything or anyone in particular, but just a negative energy that was growing in and around him, like something bad was about to happen.

“He’s just like that.  If he says he’s going to drop out for a while, that is exactly what he does.  You can’t track him, he will leave no trace to follow.  Matt always has a Plan B, and more often than not, a C, D, and E.  Its just how he is.  There is good reason why he is not dead yet.  Oh, and sleeping like this.  In the hunting grounds, thats classic Matt.  Taking all this in, he must have been planing this for some time, or it may have been one of the many plans he laid out for himself.”  She stopped and looked out on the small group of creatures.  She knew that Matt would seem like a traitor, or a turncoat.  “Before you judge, remember its just how he is. He looks at situations from 4-6 angles before he acts.  Its like he has a spacial radar that allows him to just view everything from several angles at once.”

Huffing loudly, “Bullshit.  I don’t care how bad things had gotten.  We were his family, he was my Guardian-Sire.  Damn it, I loved him.  He could have talked it out.  We could have worked it out. He Didn’t just have to leave.”  Norman almost screamed at them all.

Zelka stood up and looked at him.  She knew that he was hurt and all this had been kept bottled up for years.  This was not the time for her usual Suck It Up Speech.  “Look I know it hurt when he left.  One thing I know from working with him for almost a century, is that he does nothing without a reason. Every step is measured.  Every word he speaks is planned out.  Whatever reason he had for leaving, it may not be evident to you, but widen your scope.  Matt was always a big picture kind of guy, and thats just how he looked at the wold.  The small things mattered greatly to him, but he weighed everything on the larger mission.”

Norman was about to speak when Zelka held up a paw to him, and shifted into a hybrid half form. Pressing one hand to the small speaker in her right ear.  Keying her mic, “Copy, monitor direction only, DO NOT ENGAGE, I REPEAT DO NOT ENGAGE.   We have company, its time to move.  Lets go.”  All started to stir.  All on high alert for the next wave of adversaries that would descent on them…

A few miles away in the hunting grounds

When a were-creature hibernates, the mind, soul, and body are all disconnected.  The mind and soul walk with the stars as the body rests.  Also, every hibernation is a bit different.  Some are short rest periods, others are long and needed.  This is where Matt was.  He had slept for over 20 human years. Now he would start to wake up.

Matt woke slowly as his body came out of its deep, long hibernation.  Slowly feeling came back to his hands and feet.  He would feet the chill of the cave on his muzzle.  The scent of his own fur hung in his nostrils as his breathing deepened and expanded, as his body temperature started to return to normal.   Very slowly, he started to attempt to move his paws.  Ever so slightly, they responded.  Inhaling deeply he noted the smell of a fire in the distance, the cold darkness of his cave, damp earth and dried vegetation.  No doubt it had grown inward during his slumber.  His eyes opening, adjusting slowly to not seeing in so long, the crusty sleep debris cracking and pulling away from his skin.  He could make out dim light coming from the entrance, and the smell of a camp fire. 

Slowly Matt pushed himself to return to his human form.  Agonizingly slow as it was, his thick, thick fur receded, and his body morphed back into human form. He was left sitting on his rump, with his knees in his chest, rocking slowly back and forth.  In the distance, he could hear voices, as it the twins.  His heart jumped.  They had come.  But just as quickly as his heart jumped it fell.  His mind started to process the details, reengaging all the processes that he had shut down. Anger came then.  His slumber had been disturbed.  He was awake because someone was close to him.  There should be none living here, why had they come. 

Matt could feel a burning energy start to move though him.  It tickled his fingers and toes, and made its way into his core.  Rising to his feet, he felt  very light on his feet.  Actually it was like he was floating.  Unsure of what was going on, he decided to more extra slow.  It seemed like he just moved through things. He would raise his hand to move the brush, and before he could register the movement, he was outside, stumbling slightly from the speed of the movement

Matt looked in front of him.  The twins were looking at him, in shock, with a tinge of terror.   As he started to process what was happening, since they were backing away from him, in fear.  Standing in amazement, they both seemed to move in slow motion, as they scrambled for there weapons, shifting into half form as they moved.  Stopping a few meters away, they were at the ready, trying to process things as well.

In truth, Matt resembled the walking dead more than anything that was alive.  His skin taught and white, flesh sunken in, hair long and disheveled, eyes glowing. The twins knew something was not right with Matt. He had a misty smoke around him, it hovered and moved as if it we’re alive.

“Pashma?” mumbled Zackary.

“Pashma?” asked William after his brother.

“I don’t believe I know of whom you are asking for.  But, why are you fearful of me?”  Matt responded with a sinister smile, as his talons extended from his hands, as the darkness came to the surface, seemingly taking control and propelling him as me moved forward toward the startled cubs.

Outside the hunting grounds

“AHHHHHRUHFHFHFHFH”  Luke screamed as he dropped to his knees then rolled on the ground, as all at once he re-connected to Matt.  Images flooded his mind, pain racked his body, as he saw through Matts eyes. Matt had both cubs by the throat, and was choking them.  They flailed at him, with fists, and fired rounds into him, but it was like he was just immune.  “Nooooooo” Luke screamed again.

Zelka reacted and punched Luke in the jaw hard enough to break it, and knock him cold.  It was the only way keep him quiet.   Looking over, Rusty was white as a ghost.  He seemed to be frozen in place.  He was mumbling something as he collapsed into Normans arms.  “Matt, he’s awake…somethings wrong.” 

Over the headset, Zelka received the word, 12 bears and a slew of other animals were descending on there location from all direction.  “Engage All Targets” she screamed into her mic and she raised her rifle and opened fire.

Everyone threw into the fight as the small group quickly found themselves overwhelmed, and surrounded.  The Otter and Elk were holding there own, but they were not coming out of this unscathed.  Firearms, blades, and a host of other weapons came at them.  There was a saving grace, Matts team lived up to their reputation.  Raven Team 8, the Ghosts.  The ones that fight as if they are of one mind.  Inner battle coordination came without speech or hand signals, it was as if they were linked.  Like a seamless ballet of Death, the team worked toward the two downed bears, and then formed a permitter.  Holding the line. They would hold the line, they didn’t know failure.  On each of them was a small tattoo; Never Falter, Never Fail.  In short order, ammunition was expended, and the battle turned to blade and claw.  They would keep the two bears safe.  They had sworn a promise to Matt, and they knew that Guardians don’t ask or expect a promise, unless its a matter of life and death. 

On the ground Luke was healing and coming around, still yelling and holding his head.  Pawing the ground, he drug himself over to Rusty.  The spirit bear was not doing any better.  When both Bears touched, they connected to the same vision.  It was as if both were wired into Matts Eyes and Mind.  They heard his thoughts in there ears.  They heard the darkness telling Matt to kill the cubs.  To drink their Life Force.  The rid the world of them. KILL. KILL. KILL. KILL.  The word repeated over and over in a mantra of pure evil. 

Both bears screamed in unison. “MAAATTTTTT  STOP”.  Hoping above all hope that the connection was two-way.  That Matt would hear them.  That some part of Matt would wake up. The good part of him, the kind spirit, the cool water that they loved.  The others were to far into the furry of battle to distinguish Luke and Rusty screaming from the other sounds of the Battle. 

Back in the Hunting Grounds

“Let me go”  Zackary kicked Matt as he pushed himself further into his hybrid form. His young Guardian eyes glowed bright, his mind and body resettled.  With one hand he drew a blade and shoved it squarely into Matts exposed throat, blood instantly spewing from the wound.  Matt stumbled backward, releasing the twins.  Both twins landed and took a few steps back, weapons at ready.  Matt stood there for a moments and then his body healed itself. Faster than the cubs thought possible for a werecreature.  Matt stood looking at them.

“Oh dear, lovely Cubs. My have you grown.” Hissed Matt.  The swirling mist that was around him started to intensify.  “It seems that you are just brimming with life.  Energy abounds in you both.  Tsk. Tsk….I must apologize for that minor interference.  It would seem that this other part of myself is struggling to come out. “

Both cubs exhaled slightly, and made themselves ready.  Looking inward, they saw the energy that was swirling around Matt. It was a deep darkness that clung to his body and swirled around him, creeping across the ground as it edged toward them.  “Pashma. Matt.  We have come to wake you.  We followed your writings” they stumbled with words.   Both thought, that was a minor interference, what would a major one be?

Both Cubs held there breath, and the darkness exploded around Matt and drug him to the ground.  They took a step forward to help.

“NO, STAY THERE.  THIS IS MY FIGHT.”  Matt stood and centered himself.  In his mind he heard Rusty and Luke, they were the voices he needed to hear.  The swirling vortex of darkness wrapped around him, whipping his hair, and chilling his naked body.   Slowly the vortex calmed and the Cubs watched as the darkness retreated back inside Matt and the warm light that they remembered came back to the surface. 

“Cubs, please accept my most humble apologies, I was not quite awake.” Matt said as tears started to fall from his face.  The color had returned to his skin, and his body was returning to normal.  His eyes were less sunken, and his body was filling back out.  The healing factor of a were creature were taking affect.  Both cubs took a step forward, and held out Totems they brought with them.

A bone necklace, and a staff.  “These were mine?” He asked. 

“Yes, this necklace was given to you by the Norther Village Elder, and this Staff was made by your father.  It was in your armory.  We took them to prove who we were.” both cubs talked in turn. 

“Sorry, my memory is still a bit fuzzy.  By the way, do you have anything to eat?  It would seem that my tummy has stopped growling, and has started to bite?”  Matt smiled and they all laughed.  In short order, the backpack full of fruit was produced and Matt sat quietly eating and listening to the Cubs.  They would catch him up on everything that happened since he had departed. 

Back to the Battle outside the Hunting Grounds.

The battle that started had come a protracted end.  Matts team as well as the Otter and Elk had held there own.  The adversaries that remained were retreating away from the fight.  The ferocity and teamwork of Matts team had won the day.  Rusty and Luke had regained their composure toward the end of the fight, but were no help in the Ballet of Death that was occurring all around them. 

“SITREP,” Zelka spoke into her mic.  Panting, out of breath, covered in blood, and muck from the battle.

“Zelka, get over hear.  The Otter is down.” Chris muttered as she pressed a trauma dressing into the chest of the Otter.  He had already lost so much blood.  She looked around, his blades was shattered, and the last foe to come against him, he had crushed its skull with a rock, lay 20 or so feet away.  His small paws were ripped open, flesh hanging off him, from all the exposed skin.  “Ferocious to the end.” she smiled as she looked at him.

“It would seem that my life has come to an end.” Coughed the Otter, as his eyes fluttered closed and his breathing slowed, then ceased.

“Not today.” Barked Luke as he pushed past the other members of team.  Chris was thrown over as if something had grabbed and thrown her, but Luke was still  a few paces behind.  Luke lumbered over and knelt down.

“I knew that you and Matt were close, I remember you from the visions.  Matt respected and admired you.  For that, I will heal you, stay still.”  Luke spoke in a regal manner.  Inside, something had fallen into place within the lummox of a Polar Bear.  Luke was first tribe and this was his inner strength.  His power.  To heal is to love.  You have to love others to heal others.  This simple lesson, Matt had tried to teach him so many times over the years, but at each, his own selfish nature prevented the lesson from sinking in.  Now, with his life stripped from him, he had nothing left but to love everyone around him, since he had driven away his reason for living.

Luke closed his eyes, as he reached deep within his mind.  There he held an image of Matt when they first met.  On the dance floor…the music playing., his soft blond hair brushing against his cheek.  Luke held that image and let the love he felt for Matt flow from him.  At first there was a soft light under his paws.  Then at all at once, a bright flash as the light of Luke’s being blasted forth.  The same light that Rusty had used to change Matt.  Slowly the Otters wounds began to close, and his breathing started again.  The light intensified as all stood back and watched, then another blast of light as the bubble of healing extended to all of them.  Luke’s inner energy was so intense that they had to shield there eyes.  After a few minutes of this, the light faded as Luke collapsed to the ground, unconscious.  All just stood and looked at each other.  The Otter woke up and looked at his paws and then around to everyone else. 

“Could someone please tell me what has just transpired?  For I am not entirely clear if I am alive or walking in the afterlife.” asked the Otter as he looked around at everyone.  Each had the same blank expression of disbelief mixed with awe.

Later, the Group was sitting quietly.  Having moved off and avoided further conflict. 

The events of the early evening have now faded from there skin as they were healed by the blinding light of the First Tribe Polar Bear.  Everyone was still a bit weary of what was to come, but they were all trying to come to grips with the utter destruction of so many, for seemingly nothing.  The smells of smoldering corpses and death still hung in the air, and nature had calmed for the moment.  Gentle warm breezes pushed through the area, brining with it the scent of winter snow, pine and eminent danger, that was not normal for the winter season they were in.  They were alone.

“So, now that I have been pulled back from the abyss and denied a peaceful and meaningful death, mind filling me in more on how Matt works?  Because debt owed or not, this situation is horrible and I would rather walk away at this point that to have any further contact.”  Snidely asked the River Otter.  Even though he had been healed, in that instant he was connected to Luke, and the flashes of Matt had all but ruined his mental picture of the being he held so dear.  Those brief moments of contact he saw Matt, or the many versions of Matt, each seemed to be a guise, a mask, something that Matt slid on and off with ease.  It was as if he melded himself to the situation he was presented with, always guarding himself, always holding back, his true feeling never exposed.  He would always give the right answer, not the most truthful one.  Just the thought of it made the Otter sick to the very pit of his stomach.  He felt lied too; led down a path that could never come to fruition.  This feeling was fueling his rage, his cursing at time, his very life now seemed tripe, little more than a parting gift at a TV Game show for the looser of the grand prize.

The Gray Wolf  just looked at him for a moment, but it was the Russian Bear that spoke up first, still sitting in his half form, fashioning a spear from a branch, since all the available ammunition had been expended, his blades had been destroyed and the next fight would be much more primal, more to his liking.  “I would shut the fuck up if I were you.  That little bear has been put through hell by humans, bears and even that clan of Otter you hail from..  I don’t much like the shit storm we just waded into, pay no attention to to the number of other were-creatures that we just killed. But show some respect, and check your fucking tone, or I just may send you on your journey, and you can have that honorable and peaceful death your just talked about.”

“Check your shit bear, we need all paws in this fight, or would you rather come at me with that bullshit.  I know how you hurt inside.  That last fight was nothing short of a massacre, they stood little chance, but you know it was just a test, the real battle is out there somewhere.  Circling us like a building storm, like a damn that is about to burst.  You have felt it just like the rest of us for a week or more. That general undertow of excitement and angst, like you know something is about to happen, but you cannot dial it down.  You know the message we got was pre-recorded, and you were the first on the aircraft with your gear, so.  Check your shit. ” She glared at the big bear, bared her teeth and gave him a low, resonating growl.  She had to focus him, he was undoubtedly the strongest of any sitting at the fire, and as skilled as the Otter was, that bear would rip him apart.  She had to tone him down and get him to focus on something else.

The Bear got up, glared at all of them, and then spit on the fire.  The sizzle cutting the air like a knife, as he turned and slid into the shadows.  The She Wolf turned and and spoke to the Otter, almost standing in the fire as she did so.  She pulled the hood of her jacket off her head, exposing her wolf ears.  As she did so, everyone noticed a deep scar down her face.  “To answer your first question.  Matt works in a predictable path, he always has.  Step One: know the trap exists.  Step two:  Plan to defeat the trap.  Step Three:  give your entire self to the action.   He plans and with every strike, or parry of a blade or paw, he brings 100% of himself into the fight.  Its like fighting a damn brick wall, that’s been reinforced with steel, and covered in kevlar.”  The Otter started to shake his head, and speak, but the Panda cut him off. 

“Gentle Giant, Matt told me about your encounter with him at the monastery.  He went easy on you.  You weren’t a threat, hence, he treated it as a workout and spared with you.  I have only asked Matt to go all out on me once during a training session at the arctic den, it was….was…deeply troubling to see that much raw power, packed into such a small creature.  As  guardians we each have been given a unique ability by the creator.  Mine is foresight.  I can glimpse a few second into the future, about 5-8 second or so, and I use that in combat.  But every time I used it, Matt would easily counter a blow that he could never have planed for.  It’s that spacial awareness he has, but that is just the tip of his power.”

“That aside, and trust me, I don’t care about his ability, yours, or any one else’s for that matter, I just want a damn good explanation as to why all this was necessary.”  The Otter almost yelled, as he got to his feet. He had remained in his half form since he was healed, and now the fur around his eyes was tight and his claws extended in instinctual readiness.  Like something was about to happen, but he could not get a bearing on it.  Then he noticed it.  There it was, that tug the wolf just spoke of.  It was like gravity, pulling him toward something, but as hard as he tried he just couldn’t get a bearing on it.

“You would have to know about his under work.” whispered the Puma, as she silently entered the circle, kneeling at the fire, warming her hands.  Everyone jumped.  None had caught her movement.  Yes, everyone was jumpy for sure, but still, she moved like Matt.  The hood of her jacket, pulled over her head, just the tip of her muzzle was exposed.  Her lower teeth, protruding from her maul.  As he crouched there, her rifle was slung over her back.  The Otter caught himself being enamored at her appearance.  She was small for one of the Big Cat species. The large rifle seemed to swallow her small frame. She was wearing a type of plated armor that seems to move like skin, her deep, deep black fur melding with it, making it hard to tell where the armor and skin were even with his enhanced eyesight.

Shaking himself free of the rapture of the female, “Underwork”? asked the Otter, as he upturned his hands, in a gesture of frustration and angst.  He just wanted to know what was about to happen, he needed to understand why it was worth it, or really what was at stake.

“Yes.  For years Matt went on side missions.  Some were given to him by his Elder; that worthless piece of flesh you call Boris.  Some he was asked to help by friends, and yet still more he embarked on because he wanted too.  In most of these, we worked anonymously behind the scenes; easing tensions between factions, rescuing cubs from slavery and freeing them from exploitation, and yet… He gave of himself so much, that he lost everything about himself along the way. His way of working toward a new tomorrow, seemed to dissolve into a vortex of nasty that he just could not get free of.”  The others start to rustle around, but the Puma cut them off.  “Just wait a bit more, after I say this, I’m going out in the dark, where its safe, and I don’t have to hear any more of this bullshit that everyone is spewing.  The little missions he actually enjoyed were when he was sent as an assassin. There were many that he killed for the good of the whole.  You see, when you accept that this type of work is acceptable, You flip a coin with Karma.  It would seem like he flipped that coin too many times, then just decided that it was time to leave.  And when he left, I took his place for those missions.  You know what, Fuck you all.  Birthed in the light, I was NOT, but here I am, fighting to keep a few Bears, and a grumpy Otter safe.  I doubt any of your deserve the deference that Matt has given you.  or the height of that pedestal that he places you on.  Peace!”  Everyone just sat still for a moment, as she seems to spin around on her toes, stand and dissolve back into the shadows, without some much as a sound in clothing, gear or earth. 

Now frustrated more than ever, the Otter got to his feet, and kicked a log into the fire.  Sending sparks and bit of flaming wood skyward. “Gods be Damned, I’m tired of these stories in pros and metaphor, mirror and smoke.  I need a definitive, concrete answer because the bear that I knew, or thought I knew, would never have set all this in motion, I just don’t think he would have condoned this magnitude of killing, no matter how it was justified, warranted or deserved”

Just at the height of the frustration, there was a cracking of twigs and the muffled running of a bear.  The Puma was the first to appear in between the sounds and the group, her blades in each paw.  The other members of Matts Team seemed to just react. Each at the ready. Then a gentle whistle seemed to linger and dance through the wind.  The Wolf sighed slightly, and returned the whistle, and then a voice was heard. “  Gosh, I could smell you all from about 8 miles away, you know its not far to the rescue cave.”  The voice was familiar…it was David. 

“ Elder David” the Puma responded and took a Knee, bowing to the massive bear as it transformed back into a half form.  It was a deference in manner, that caught The Otter off guard, and seemed to drag him further into the intrigue.   His anger was beginning to boil at an even higher level. He knew of David from talking with Matt, but never met him.  It was, well odd in his mind.  Matts team had never displayed anything remotely close to respect for anyone, but yet David commanded this. 

“Gosh, don’t be so formal.  I’m glad I caught up to everyone, but it looks like I missed all the festivities.” David said, as walked further into the light of the fire.  His tawny fur had given way to much more gray than before.  The otter took a step back, the presence this bear commanded could be felt, but he didn’t know why or how. 

“Festivities is not how I would describe this,” the Otter scoulded.  He was now more angry than ever.  There seemed to be yet another twist to the plot and he was tired of these twists and turns.

“…Well from what I saw on the way up, there is no one following you, however, they are all making there way toward the east hunting grounds entrance, so I would assume thats where the Cubs and Matt are going to emerge.”  David said all this while walking right toward the fire, shaking the hands of the males and hugging the females in the group.  He did this, and left the Otter for last.

David extended his hand, and the otter returned the gesture.  David gripped down hard on the Otter, while looking him right in the eyes.  “I can feel that you are upset and angry.  The emotions you are feeling are right and they are yours to deal with, however there is more at stake here than your feelings for Matt.  If you want answers, let them come from me.”

“Well Bears be damned, Sure….Why the Fuck did Matt set all this in motion. Second, why is this all happening.” He yelled as he glared and growled at the bear.  He was slipping further into his animal side.

“Okay, sit your little ass down and we can have a conversation, otherwise, if you want to fight about it, I suggest you take it elsewhere.  I don’t have the capacity to deal with a youngling that has gotten his feelings hurt.”  David said, almost daring the Otter to keep going.

After the Otter had gained his composure, they sat at the fire, and David began to speak.  “What is happening how was and Is the result of a few bears trying to take control of the Five major houses of were-creatures, Boar, Ape, Wolf, Bear, and Dolphin.  Matt, put all the disassociated pieces of the puzzle together years ago, but he saw no way to solve it back then, but now, all these years later, the time presented itself and I’m sure it coincides with the planetary alignment, of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus and Jupiter.  Its at these times that guardians are able to access much more of the energy around them…”. The elder was cut short.

“Can you please just get on with it…this is just bullshit.  I don’t care if a war is coming, I’m not taking part in it. Just tell me why the bear that I care so much about, one that I still can’t believe is as evil as you make him out to be, the one that I still think embodies all the good that can come in the world, why would he set all this in motion…tell my why all this is justified….Please just tell me….”  The Otter broke down in that moment, the anger he was feeling gave way to the deep despair that had been part of his life for so long, he knew nothing different. 

After the Otter had collected himself and was seated at the fire.  The rage, anger and angst that was in the air a time ago had seemed to wash away as the warm air caressed each of them.  “Well, it would see that you made the worst mistake when dealing with Matt, didn’t you?” David spoke in a almost hushed, soft tone.

“And what would that be…” Muttered the Otter.

“You fell in love with him, or at least you fell in love with the version of Matt that was present at the time.” Said David.

“Version?” asked the Otter.

“Matt changes gears in an instant, he just becomes the person or thing that is needed at the time.  Its not personal, that’s just him.  If you had needed someone to just listen to you while you vented and yelled, he would listen.  If you needed someone to spare with workout whatever was bugging you, he would be that.”

“So what I care for and desire, the person that I remember, was just a mask, a deception..I feel like a fool.”

Then a voice came over the fire, from the darkness just outside of the circle of creatures at the fire.  It was Luke he has awoken at some point and was just listening.  “You are all wrong.  So, So, So very wrong about him.  However, you are all also totally correct.” The Big Polar bear gently walked up to the fire, he had transformed into a half form, which left many a little taken by his appearance. It looked like a full bear, that just walked on two legs.  There was a gentle glow around him, as he sat there.  It seems to hover just over his fur and oscillate with the pace and camber of his voice.

“Explain please”

“I know all about Matt having sex with most of you in this gathering.”  This statement set a few of the members squirming a bit, a few smiles crossed some faced, but then the tension of the moment took them all again.  The frankness and also the acceptance of the Lukes statement hung in the air. Before anyone could comment, Luke held up a paw to stop them from talking, “I know everything that happened at the monastery with you Sim, Matt talked of you very fondly, and that you seemed to be sad, deeply sad.  In that, he knew he could help you in the short run, but would be of no use to you in the long run. You see, we love each other, but that word holds little to explain the connection.  That is both a Gift and a Curse that we have lived with since the moment we laid eyes on each other.  On the surface, we forgive each other before anything happens, in this way we move through life looking forward, not backward.  I know neither of us are  blameless in life, but I refuse to let any of you think Matt is anything but a good person.  He see the battles before they happen, if anything; what we just waded through was the ‘best’ outcome possible given the circumstances.  So, if you don’t like any of this, or want to hate Matt for the being the creature he is, or even worse, want to get upset with him because he did not live up to your expectations of him, its time for you and everyone else here to grow up.   Matt is everything to everyone, he melds himself into whatever situation or group presents itself.  In reality he has been searching for himself from the start, but he just cant seem to put himself first.  He is the eternal giver, caretaker, guide and helper to everyone. Has he done horrible things, yes, but then so again…so have each of you.  Without digging too deep, shall I recount all the stories that I have listened to for years about some of you.”

“Thats bullshit….just bullshit.” yelled the Otter.

“Take it how you want to, thats the truth in the matter and how it is.  When Matt comes home, we hardly have sex, we recharge each other.  Remember sex is not part of the love equation with Matt, never has been.  We share an ‘off’ switch with each other.  together the voices and noise of the world is dulled and we can be at peace.  I have not known a day that was not brought with Panic, and utter loss since he left.  I know I was the reason he left, but I also understand that I could not have matured, progressed or learned while we were together.”

“Look, I don’t care about any of that.  I know that he and you are Matted and have been through all time, but that still does not explain all the fights we just waded through.”

“All for One, One for All.  That was the mantra back then, right”. Luke seemed to glow brighter as he moved toward the Otter, who took a step back, getting ready.  “Don’t call any of this as unusual, you little Merry Band of Sword wielding patriots changed the course of an entire country.  You killed until your fur was stained red for years.  Don’t think that this is anything different, just on a larger scale, with more players.”

David spoke up, trying to diffuse the situation, “ Like I said before, this is a power play.  The Bear-twins are the last piece of it.  The twins of the other houses are mostly already under their control.  If I had to guess, Matt is using the twins as bait, and will wait until the best time to act.  Also, I’m sure that Matts team is just the start of the help he is gathering.  I know that there are other Guardians that went to investigate some other things that came out a few months ago, concerning the House of Grey Wolves in the mid west, the guardian and trackers that went to investigate have surfaced yet.  Thats not too far out of the scope, but still it troublesome.

“So your telling me all this was just a few bears or whoever trying to take over the major houses of were-creatures?” growled the Otter has he shifted to his feet.  The energy of the moment leaving him, starting to relax.

“Essentially, yes…..” mumbled David. He knew that this was about to get ugly again, that the Otter had indeed fell in love with Matt, and was having a hard time.  His expectations were not matching reality, and it was getting sticky for the Otter.  He did not quite accept what Matt was.  He liked being around him, but the mental mold what Matt was supposed to be or how he was suppose to act, was not matching.

“Bullshit.  There is no way that the twins are worth all this… “  Sim barked.

“Actually is a bit more than the twins, its that Polar Bear and Matt that they are after.  Its a mighty pair those too are.

“Explain please.

“Matt is the key that will bring peace to all the houses.  He is just not one were creature, he is all of them.  Matt is blood borne….not that any of you wanted to know what that means.  The Polar Bear over there is the last descendant of the First Tribe.  These two will be the ones that give birth to the next generation—Or at least that was what the legend said, and then Matt went and killed himself to save Norman…..well you all get the picture….Many did not put it together what Matt was until he departed. Now, the entire world is looking for him, the twins and that Polar Bear over there. 

The tension was starting to thicken as all eyes turned to Luke.  He stood a bit taller, and seemed to glow a little brighter as he spoke.  “I wont even try to justify the pain that has been passed between Matt and I, along with that, I’m not asking for anyones understanding, pity, or even forgiveness.  What I will ask, is that as I have finally matured into the Bear that Matt always thought I could be, I ask you to trust Matt.  Find a way to put your trust in the Bear that has at one time or another, put his life on the line for each of you, and even spilled blood in your defense or by your side.  Trust him, as I have trusted the twins.  They are Guardians, young, but they are.  Matt, from the brief glimpse that I could a few hours ago is awake.  His struggle with himself has not gotten any easier.  But, he is on the move….”

David spoke, knowing that this was just going to make the Otter even more furious. “ Matt and Luke were the key to creating more guardians.  If you had not noticed, we were almost the last of our ilk, until Matt came along.  Without guardians the dens will descend into human bloodlust and like humans will start wars just to get more and more.  Up until now, we have all lived in harmony with each other.  Each den helping the other and vice versa, but over the last 100 years of so, a small group of three Bears, an Elk, a Boar and a Gray Wolf have been moving quietly to eliminate all the elders and gain control of the whole world of were-creatures.”

“Bullshit, humans would not allow that to happen.” barked the Otter.

“You were right, but you did know that more and more were creatures have been working in the military branches over the last 100 years.  I know of two entire battle groups that are all were-creatures of some sort. “ David retorted to get the Otter to let this come into focus.  Matt saw the war, and not an easy one.  It would be fought with more than guns, it would be talon and claw, tooth and paw.  It was going to be bloody and vast.

Just as David was about to speak, The the Grey Wolf held her hand up, and put the other to hear ear, color draining from her face as she turned and looked over the horizon to the south.  Then yelled, “Form up on me, secured one of the bears and then evade, evade, evade.  I declare ‘Crazy Ivan”.  She turned and looked back at the group, “We ware splitting up, Sim, Hoof you two go North with David, protect the Elder at any cost.  You three, pair off with one of the team and follow them.  They will lead you to safety. 

Norman looked up, “Im not going to leave Rusty.” 

“You dont have a choice, we have helo’s inbound, they will be looking for groups of bears, we have to keep them off the trail.”

All complied as Matts Team formed up on the group.  They all looked at each other, none wanting to say anything, then the Grey wolf dumped the remaining tea into the fire, turned and yelled, “move out”.  Not a sound made by anyone as they all left the area.

A Few Days Later in the Hunting Grounds

Matt sat alone, looking at the twins as they were frolicking in the pond, just a few hundred meters from his cave.  They had awoken him, but it was just hard for him to engage, to be happy, with all the news they brought with them.  Honestly, it was hard to feel anything except anger and hatred toward the elders, Vic and anyone else connected with Bear Leadership.

It was like a part of him was somehow not there.  Happiness, Joy, Caring, Love, all strong emotions, seemed to be cut off.  As if the emotions were paused, or somehow blocked.  He sat there and tried to get his mind around it.  The cubs were grown, that was what he wanted, The cubs had followed the clues, and awoken him when they made the transition to Guardian, through all this Big brothers words rang through his ears, “…..what do you want to live for.”



Half a world away in just south of the equator, a servant-bear was finishing placing the coffee service on a tray.  He paused an looked down at his work.  The exquisite coffee pot was highly polished, local raw sugar cubes places neatly on the side of each cup, delicate spoons and fresh cream was laid in the bottom of each cup, just as his elders liked.  This Bear, had served this den for over 300 years.  He had seen leaders come and go.  Fighters live, grow old, and die. This old bear had witnessed strife and turmoil in the Bear community, but nothing like was happened now.  From the conversations among the other servants and guards, a war had started in the far North, and all were ready for it to come south. A small group of Bears has opposed the Elders decree, and were now being hunted for that wrongdoing. At least that’s what the rumors said. 

The servant exited the kitchen area, holding his tray, and made his way down the narrow entrance hall, and into a wide foyer, with a grand staircase in the center.  Keeping a straight line across the space, he entered another smaller hallway, making his way to the study of his Master and Elder.  He notices raised voices as he paused for a moment at the door, before a single knock was administered.

“Enter” a voice came from the interior.  the servant reached down deftly and opened the door quietly, stepping inside and closing the door as quietly as possible.  He noticed quickly that tensions were high in the room. His elder sat in his chair by the fireplace, speaking with two others.  They were not Bear.  As he neared the gathering, he placed the tray gently on the table and stood up, waiting for further orders. 

“That will be all”, his elder spoke and waved him away.  His demeanor course, his voice pointed.  As he exited, he paused to gather some refuse, and then exited.  On the other side of the door he sniffed the paper cup, and rolled up paper napkin.  “Wolf and Boar.” he whispered to himself.  What here they doing here?  He made his way back to the kitchen, stopping in the foyer to dust the entrance table, when he noticed several more vehicles arrive.  It looked like a large gathering.  The guards had already met the drivers and the passengers were exiting the vehicles.  Right away he noticed non of them were Bear, but all of them Female.  Chuckling to himself, he turned to make his way back to the kitchen.  “Its a Breeding party.” 

A World away

“Pasham, where are we going” the cubs asked in unison.  They were walking out of the hunting grounds to the far east.  Furthest away from all the battle and the way the cubs had entered.

“We are headed east and south to pay a very dear friend a visit.  I need information, and she is the best one to give it.  Remember some of us are better at hearing that others.”


“Oh young ones, it takes more than ears to listen.  But, if you need information, the Hairs will know.  They are quiet, listen first, and don’t judge the information they gather.  Its like having Wikipedia, but for were creature business.”

“Do you mean its like the CIA or FBI?”

“Kinda, but much more user friendly, with much less bravado and angst.  They only allow a few to venture into the gallery.”

“Whats the gallery?”

Oh thats right, you two have yet to read the rest of the journals.  The gallery is a room where you go and sit in the center.  You can’t see who’s around you, but you ask your questions, and they get answered.  You can keep asking until you are satisfied.”

“Is this for Guardians?”

“Yes, but also Alpha Level Elders and a few Humans that are familiar to us?”

“oh….” they both said and kept walking in silence.

Matt spoke up after a few minutes of quiet, “Cubs its okay.  It’s not that I don’t trust you both, or the informant you gave, but I need to ask some nasty, nasty questions and they will have the answers.  Besides, Maddie, makes the best Welsh Rarebit and Scotch Eggs, that I have ever had.”

“Oh…So…You are hungry again?”

“Again, NO.  Still, YES.  Remember I have slept for 20 or more years, its going to take more than some fruit to sate my appetite.  Besides, Maddie has a son, thats part Flemish Giant and part Bear, I think you two will like him.  He’s more your age.”  Matt grinned wide as he looked over at them.

Smirking, “Its not always about the sex Pasha!”

“I Call Bullshit! With you two, its always about the sex.  Lets stop the innocent cub guise, shall we.”  Giggled Matt.  Then they laughed a hearty laugh and the twins started to recount, red-faced of course, the were creatures and humans they had a chance to spend time with.  The list was extensive and Matt chuckled to himself.  They are just like their Sires, horny all the time and ready for more.

The trio kept walking for a few more hours, just chatting and catching up.  The cubs kept showering Matt with kisses and hugs along the way.  Since they readied themselves for the walk back, Matt had stored several sets of clothing for himself, along with a backpack, stocked with all of his essentials, money, weapons, foods, first air, assorted gear.  He was always prepared.   He wore black utility pants, boots, a black skin tight under layer, with a hit neck sweater.  For an outer layer, he wore a tactical jacket, baseball cap, fingerless gloves, and his Oakley Sunglasses. 

Matt paused at the exit of the hunting grounds, the cubs turned to look at him. “Pashma?” They asked. 

“Once I walk through that barrier, I will be back in the world of the living.  Those that can sense me will come for me.  I have tried the best I can to mask myself and pull back my energy signature, but even that will not be enough. Cubs, when we exit, its better that you two go back home.  I will head east to speak with Mattie. You….” They cut Matt short.

“No, we are coming with you.  We are NOT going anywhere till you get your answers, and we get ours.  Stop thinking that we are still cubs.  We are guardians like you, new but we are.  Pashma, its time for us to enter the world and be part of it, not hide from it. 

“Cubs.  Sweet Cubs.  Make me ONE promise.  Can you do that?” He asked as he took a knee to look up into there eyes, so they could look down into his.  The gesture conveys a physical semblance of begging, pleading mixed with deep desire.

“Yes, Pashma. Anything1”  They reach down and took his paws into thiers. 

“You must not KILL anyone.  You can fight, incapacitate them, but DO NOT KILL. Do you understand?”  Matt pleaded.

“Sure, ” thats easy, they both looked down and hugged him close.  He hugged them tightly, and knew in his heart, that a war was coming.  They cubs would be at the center of it.  Getting to his feet, he led the cubs through the barrier, as they passed from the land of the dead, to the world of the living. 

On the other side, Matt smelled the air and continued to walk.  The sun was bright, the sky was clear, with wind calm.  They had another full day of walking ahead of them, unless…..Just maybe they could hitch a ride with the Reindeer.  They were migrating this time of year, so it just might work. 

Back in the Villa

“You Can’t be serious Charles.  That would be civil war.”



More to follow….Thanks for reading thus far.\






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