Bear Shorts: Beer, Bears and Bikes!!!…well more beer :)

Beer, Bears and Biker Bars

A companion Story for Big Brother

Matt stood in total disgust and disbelief as he looked at the party room they had to clean before leaving.  He was standing in a close huddle of other cubs that were left behind as the Bigger Papa Bears and Wolf-Alphas took off for the next destination.  This season Luke had persuaded Matt to come along on a Biker Run that spanned five states and several weeks of travel. It was more of a drink and ride than anything else, with ample sexual activity for everyone.   However; in every group there were members that were support crew, and it would seem that this is where Matt had been relegated this trip.  Not that Matt minded, he actually enjoyed taking care of others.  Prepping meals, seeing to the small details of lodging, provisioning, and entertainment.  The young Bear took great pride in the smiles and small thank you’s he would get from just about everyone.  Everyone that is, except Luke.  Luke’s last words were still ringing through Matt’s ursine ears.  “We have people for that, let them get the mess.  We are the leaders, everyone should know there place….”

Chaz looked over and tapped Matt on the shoulder to snap him out of the daze he seemed to be in.  “What the plan Matt?” he asked.

“We get this cleaned up fast, because I’m not going to ruin the relationship with Poppy-G, over this bullshit.  Okay, here’s whats going to happen……”  Matt took charge and divided up the crew.  In short order, the bar tab was paid with Poppy-G and Momma-T.  All the trash had been picked up and taken to the dumpster. Tables cleaned, chairs whipped down, bar was clean, all the liquor bottles had been neatly put back.  Floors had been swept, and mopped.  The Bar and meeting rooms were left clean and ready for the next group.  While the cleaning was happening, others went to pack and stow the sleeping gear and break camp.  About the same time the bar was finished the camp was packed away and area cleaned.  Matt gathered everyone together, and took stock of the situation and time. 

Many others were more than a bit pissed-off at there partners, Papa Bears and Alphas for the way they acted before everyone left that morning.  The seemingly arrogant stance they adopted over the last several days seemed to reach a climax this morning.  Conversations continued as gossip was passed among them.  Matt overheard many accounts of the arrogance extending toward the private time, the quiet time that would have normally been reserved for warm cuddles and reassuring hugs.  It was replaced with a definite owner/owned mindset.  Many were hurt, some speaking of leaving for home, other getting mad, wanting to fight back, the conversations spiraling darkly downward.

After a bit, Matt took charge again, he understood that the stupor needed to be shaken, he had to focus them, or this trip would just dissolve into bitter arguments, and later physical violence.  Thats just what comes with being were-creatures.

“Okay gang, heres the scoop.  Chaz, take two riders with you and get the truck and spare fuel tanks topped off, then haul ass to the next destination.  Riders, one in front and one in back of Chaz, make the lane changes easy for him and carve out the traffic.  Use channel 4.  The rest of you, suit up.  Rig all your gear for close-quarters, high-speed.  We are going to beat them to Charlie’s.    Before you even ask.  I know its going to be a rough ride, two cities and the open desert to deal with.  This is going to be 12 hours of hell.  If anyone wants to take it easy today, or just aren’t feeling up to it, stay with the truck, no foul either way.”  Matt finished, and turned away from the group and walked over to his bike.  He knew that entering the next destination ahead of the leaders, would be a definite statement of who is in control, and in charge.  This was all they needed.  A silent statement of leadership.  Not to take them down a peg, but they had to realize who was supporting them, and who kept it all running. 

Kneeling beside his bike,  Matt checked the oil and other fluids as he started to stow his gear and get dressed.  Lost in his own thoughts for a few minutes, he didn’t notice that 10 of the group had decided to come with him.  They were stripping their bikes down and throwing excess gear in the truck.  As the truck departed, seven riders would accompany Chaz.  As the gear was stowed and bikes started and allowed to warm up, the riders came over to Matt.

“So whats the plan?” asked Mike, a very tall thin Wolf.

“We ride hard to El Paso.  The Leaders will got  north to have a drink at Speks before they reach the city.  This will give us the gap we need.   We will head straight into the desert and beat them to Charlie’s,” said the Bear as he stood up, zipping his jacket into place. 

“Thats a 190 mile ride straight through.  We will either make it, or run out of gas before we make it,” responded Mike.

“Yep.  Thats why I said to strip your bikes down.  Its going to be hell, we will fill up in El Paso, and head out.  If anyone has any doubts, you can still reach the truck, they are across the street filling up.  Otherwise, get ready.  I want a one-two formation as we head out.  When we hit the interstate, single file in the fast lane.  We will only stop when my bike needs it. You fall behind, wreck, or stop for any reason, you’re on your own.” Matt finished and looked around at them, locking eyes with each of them.  They were stirring, having doubt,  mumbling to themselves.

“Make no mistake, that when we do this  A message will be sent to the leaders and also the other Elders that are waiting for us at Charlie’s.  It’s a statement of who is in control, who is in charge.  Our Papa’s and Alpha’s have the status they do because we let them have it.  We give it to them, because we really don’t want it ourselves.  We all like to be in the background.  Quietly working, but when the Papa Bears and Alphas forget who takes care of them, who makes sure they look good for the Elders….its time to shake them a little.  I also know that this may cause some of you great trouble at home.  Again, if that is something you don’t want, stay with the truck.  Otherwise.  Gear up, I’m leaving.  I will beat them to Charlie’s if I have to push my bike through the desert and die when I arrive?” Matt finished, pulled his helmet into place and mounted his bike.  He watched through the opaque visor as each of them went to there bikes and got ready. 

Inside of Matt’s helmet was a HUD that gave all the data about the bike and also watched his blind spots.  His helmet, as well as everyone in the group had been wired for communications.  Matt could see in his display who was transmitting.  As he was sitting there, he saw Momma-T and Poppy-G on the back porch of the Bar.  Poppy held up a handheld radio and shook it in the air.  Matt swapped the channel and Poppy and Momma were speaking to him.

“We know what your going to do.  Those assholes y’all call mates need there asses kicked, all of them,”  said the old ones.

“I’m not going to hurt them, but I ‘m going to send a message,” Matt responded. 

“We know, ride safe, ride fast, arrive alive.  We miss you Matt, come back sometime when it’s just you.  We’d like to just talk to you.  Oh, remember to Take Care of Yourself,” they said, each speaking in turn, like they were the same being.  Then it struck him.  What these two were.  Mirror opposites of each other in all things.  Leaders, guides, and friends.  Matt would have to come back when all this calmed down to speak with them.  He realized they were Elders and old ones. 

As Matt slid his gloves into place and locked them to his jacket, all his exposed skin was covered and nothing was unzipped.  Matt keyed his mic and spoke one more time for the remainder of the day.  “Lead me, follow me, or get the fuck out of my way.”   All were silent as they ambled out and onto the highway.  Through the day, the riders were all lost in there own thoughts, listening to music, or just concentrating on the ride. 

—11 hours, 5 fuel stops and a bike race later—

The riders, led by Matt pulled into the outskirts of the small desert town, in neutral territory.  He slowed to allow everyone to form up on him, as he slipped his helmet off, reaching back and placing it on the holder behind him.  For the first time all day, fresh air touched Matts head and face, his long silver hair coming loose of the ponytail tied earlier that day.  Looking around, everyone had made it.  As the small pack came into town, they rode slowly down the main road, passing lines and lines of other bikes and groups.  All came out to see who had arrived, and he noticed as soon as they passed the fist group that his plan had worked, they arrived first.   

Pulling up at Charlie’s and parking.  They all came off the bikes, stretched and started to take off gear.  All were soaked with sweat, a few were badly dehydrated.  Entering the small group found a couple of quiet tables in the corner and settled in.  They drank and ate for a few hours before the others arrived. 

The message was sent and received.  Some got angry with the Beta’s and Cubs, but the Elders stepped in and settled it.  It would seem that a well placed phone call came in while they were riding.  No doubt this was Momma and Poppy stepping in. 

Matt chuckled to himself as he watched Luke amble around the bar, look over at him, and then amble away.  It was like Luke didn’t know what to say, or did want to loose face in front of his peers.  After about an hour of watching this, Matt walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder to get him to turn around.  Luke just looked at Matt and Matt just looked at Luke.  They stood that way for a time.  Then Matt reached up and touched the side of the Bears face and walked away.


Others however were not so thrilled with Matts plan and decided they would teach Matt a lesson.  But that’s a topic for a different story.

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